A branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and El Paso

A king and queen hold court with assembled nobles.

Discover the Modern Medieval


Artisans and craftspeople come together to learn, teach, and create amazing works and beautiful objects.

From costuming and woodworking to music and theater, the possibilities for growing as a maker and artist are boundless.

A woman working a spinning wheel
A blacksmith working on a bottle opener at an anvil
Musicians playing drums
A man doing repose work

Bring a skill that you already have and share it with others or take a class and learn from those who have been diving into an art for years. All are welcome and encouraged, from all skill levels!


Feel the thrill of full contact armored fighting using blunted axes, hammer, spears, and swords in both one-on-one tournament combat as well as large scale melee field battles!

Hone your skills with the blade in our fencing and cut and thrust programs besting your opponents through dexterity and speed in a variety of forms.

Armored combatants spar with spears
Fencers lunge at each other
An archer aims at a target
A man on a horse practicing jousting

Live the legend of the unmatched marksman competing with other archers across the world with historical bows, or try your hand at throwing knives, axes, and more!

Experience the bond of horse and rider through the historical lens testing your skills in both mounted games and various forms of mounted combat.


We come together at events to laugh, celebrate, and grow.

Life-long friendships, meaningful mentoring, and opportunities to grow and explore provide the fundamental community of the SCA.

A group of people laughing together
Three people frolicking
Two people smiling
A group of people cheering

As we say when you arrive at an event to check in:

Welcome home.

Photos on this page by Rachael Rodgers, Bree Pye, and Nerienda of Elmet

Ready to begin the adventure?