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A group of fencers fighting

Office of the Rapier Marshal

The Kingdom Rapier Marshal is a deputy of the Kingdom Earl Marshal and reports to both to the Kingdom Earl Marshal and the Society Rapier Marshal. His or her primary responsibility is to assist the Earl Marshal by ensuring the safe and continued practice of rapier in the Kingdom.

Additional responsibilities include working with the King, War Council and other principal Kingdoms to further rapier at Estrella War, reviewing new programs, weapons and forms (both from Society and from the Kingdom) and determining their possible suitability for use here and elsewhere.

Group (Baronial and Shire) rapier marshals and Authorising Marshals all report to the Kingdom Rapier Marshal. These reports are made in electronic format (using the form on this web page) on a monthly basis and include any issues or success in the local group, the minimum and maximum number of fighters at practice during that month and, most importantly, problems, injuries or safety concerns.


Kingdom Rapier Marshal

Donå Mizuno Kiku Ibara

Cut & Thrust Deputy

Don Erich Geisler

Deputy Marshals

Sir Michalangelo Francesco di Genoa
Don Marcus Goltz
Donå Lucrezia de Carducci