A branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and El Paso

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Ministry of Arts & Sciences

The Office of the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances.

The duties of this officer include coordinating the efforts of local Arts and Sciences (A&S) officers and promoting the dissemination of accurate information about the fields of study. It is also the responsibility of the Minister of Arts and Sciences to help organize demonstrations, exhibitions, competitions, classes, and/or workshops.

Special interest groups, such as guilds, are encouraged to organize such activities, with the consent of the Minister of Arts and Sciences.


Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister

Mistress Rannvæig ørrarmr Eskilskona, OL

Northern Regional Deputy

Colorado & Wyoming

Countess Martine de La Rochelle

Reporting Deputy

Countess Martine de La Rochelle

War A&S Liason

Mistress Isabelle de Calais

Historical Combat Studies Deputy

Baron Ian of Nightsgate, MOD

Emergency Minister

Mistress Marion Forester

Southern Regional Deputy

New Mexico & El Paso

Baroness Gwenlyn Aldwyn

Kingdom A&S Competition Deputy

Countess Richenda de la Selva, OL

Kingdom A&S Collegium Deputy

Countess Aria de Chatillon, OL

Mini-Competitions and Queen’s Prize Deputy