A branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and El Paso

Financial Tools


PayPal can be used as a pre-registration system, to take payments at gate during events, and to take heraldry payments.

Heraldry Payments

Payments for heraldry can be taken through PayPal. Once you’ve completed this form, you will be emailed an invoice from PayPal within 24-48 hours to make your payment. After the payment clears the Kingdom PayPal account, a confirmation will be sent to the submitter, their branch herald, and to Gold Castle. Branch heralds will include the confirmed payment on the Branch Payment form as usual. Invoices left unpaid for 7 days will be canceled. 

PayPal at the Door

PayPal Zettle is now available at certain approved events. To be approved, your event must first confirm that the event site has acceptable cellular service to lock on and maintain a good connection to the PayPal website – storing payments for upload later is not allowed. Second, authorized PayPal Swipers will need a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet ofr the card reader to connect to via bluetooth. Only approved PayPal Zettle card readers may be used to take payments. The Kingdom of the Outlands will purchase each group’s first reader at no cost to the group. Please contact either PayPalDeputy@Outlands.org or Exchequer@Outlands.org to see about getting your first and/or subsequent card readers.

Required Forms for PayPal Zettle (Pay at the Door)

  • PayPal-at-the-Door Authorization (fillable pdf) – Please complete this form if you would like authorization to take credit card payments at the door. Please send the completed form to PayPalDeputy@Outlands.org and Exchequer@Outlands.org for approval. 
  • All PayPal Swipers listed on the Authorization form will need to go through formal training with Kingdom and Society no more than 30 days prior to the event. Once satisfactorily trained, those Swipers will be warranted by the Kingdom Exchequer. Complete this Request For Financial Warrant  and email it to Exchequer@Outlands.org with a copy of a valid drivers license and current membership card.