Their Majesties wish it to be known that they truly wish to attend these Winter feasts but if the high mountain passes become unable to be traversed They may have to cancel last minute.
Date Group Event Royal Progress Autocrat
September 2018

1-2Kingdom of NorthshieldKW Academy of the Rapier and Armored CollegiumAneira
6-9Canton of Hawks HollowEstes Park Scottish Irish Festival DemoAilinn Shadowfox
8-9Barony of AarquelleCrown TournamentKQ/PPElizabeth & Ciarran
14-17Shire of DrygestanSanta Fe Renaissance FairEmmelina Vom Westenberg
16Barony of DragonsspineA Plesaunt HuntRaisa
20-23Kingdom of AethelmearcKnown World Commedia Symposium 2018Donnan MacDubhsidhe
21-23Barony of al-BarranAl-Barran ChampionsJose
22Barony of Unser HafenNewcomersK/Q Arianwyn
28-30Barony of AarquelleRapier Camp & Grace & ValorK/QPierro Della Casa
29Shire of Nahrun KabirunThe Southern Outlands: Collegium De NahruniaPrincessIdunn
October 2018

2-8Kingdom of CaidGreat Western WarKQ/P
6College of Scola MetallorumScola Science FairArcadia
12-14Barony of the Citadel of the Southern PassFeast of St. EdrikPrincessJulia
13Barony of AarquelleAn A&S FestMillicent
19-21Kingdom of NorthshieldHarvest HomeAnne & Cassandra
20-21Shire of Blackwater KeepPeanut Valley Craft & Music Festival DemoDevon
20Shire of BryngolauMountain Pas & Highland GamesKQ/PPIsouda
20Canton of RavenhyrstRavensfaireSigeric
27Barony of DragonsspineDragonsspine A&SAdelaisa Bernois
27College of Saint GoliasSt. Golias Feast Day / 40th AnniversaryKQ/PPTorcail
November 2018

3Shire of Blackwater KeepNewcomers MasqueradeGwenllian
3Barony of DragonsspineHoliday BazaarK/Q/PrincessAdelaisa
10-11Shire of DrygestanCoronationKQ/P/PMaimuna
17Barony of al-BarranA Day of A&SK/QAkilina
18Barony of al-BarranToys for TotsK/QRelena
24Barony of AarquelleHarvest FestK/QChiara
December 2018

8Barony of Caer GalenCaer Galen MidwinterK/QMirabel de Malmesberie
15-16Barony of al-BarranAl-Barran MidwinterK/QPhaidra
January 2019

5Barony of CaertheCaerthe 12th Night - Middle Eastern Oasis & HaflaK/QCrestina
12Barony of Unser HafenUnser Hafen YuleQSafiyya
12Barony of the Citadel of the Southern PassCitadel Twelth NightKAngelica of Sabine
19Barony of AarquelleViking Vinter VunderlandtQAmice
19Shire of PlattefordhamCandlemasThomas Marsten
26Barony of DragonsspineCandlemasK/QTimothy O'Brien
February 2019

2Shire of WindkeepTri-BaronialK/QKaleriia
March 2019

15-17Barony of the Citadel of the Southern PassA Hunt for Mythical BeastsJulia Alexandria
April 2019

May 2019

June 2019

July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

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