Their Majesties wish it to be known that they truly wish to attend these Winter feasts but if the high mountain passes become unable to be traversed They may have to cancel last minute.
Date Group Event Royal Progress Autocrat
February 2019

2Shire of WindkeepTri-BaronialK/QKaleriia
9College of Saint GoliasGolias War PracticeK/Q
19-25Kingdom of AtenveldtEstrella WarK/Q
March 2019

9-10Barony of al-BarranOutlands Crown TournamentK/Q/P/PSir Marc-Antoine, Mistress Bianca, Lady Phaidra
9-17Kingdom of Gleann AbhannGulf
April 2019

6-7Barony of CaertheGolden Thimble 2019Lady Zephrine
13Barony of the Citadel of the Southern PassKingdom A&S Competition, Queen's Prize, and InvestK/QMistress Constance and Mistress Joella
27Barony of AarquelleAarquelle DefenderFlorie
27Shire of Blackwater KeepBlackwater Keep Collegium & DefenderCurran
May 2019

4-5Barony of DragonsspineCoronationKQ/PPJeannette Delacroix
17-19Shire of Nahrun KabirunClan WarsTuathflaith
18Barony of Unser HafenBrewer's Fest and SocialLady Gwenllian MacDonald & Lady Kathryn of Southwick
19Barony of DragonsspineMaydaySelene of the Sky
23-27Barony of al-BarranGrand Outlandish XLVIGrainne Shocair
24-27Barony of CaertheJocivus - A weekend of fun and merrimentRobert Magnus
June 2019

7-9Barony of DragonsspineDragonspine ChampionsAltani
13-16Kingdom of AnsteorraKnown World Dance and Music SymposiumBaroness Myfanwy ferch Eifion
18-23Kingdom of NorthshieldNorthern Realms War Birna fra blakksholum
July 2019

5-7Kingdom of CalontirKnown World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium 2019
9-14Kingdom of the OutlandsBattlemoor XElisee & Dubhghail
August 2019

9-11Barony of Caer GalenCaer Galen DefenderFinn ua Brian
16-18Barony of DragonsspineArchery CollegiumAltani
30-2Barony of Fontaine dans SableWarders of the Western GateWyolet Bertrem
September 2019

October 2019

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December 2019

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February 2020

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