Date Group Event Royal Progress Autocrat
April 2019

6-7Barony of CaertheA&S Weekend ExtravaganzaTHL Crestina
13Barony of the Citadel of the Southern PassKingdom A&S Competition, Queen's Prize, and InK/Q/PrincessMistress Constance and Mistress Joella
21College of Scola MetallorumLight Metal MayhemLord Lohengrin Heier & Lady Carmina Della Casa
27Barony of AarquelleAarquelle DefenderK/Q/P/PFlorie
27Shire of Blackwater KeepBlackwater Keep Collegium & DefenderCurran
May 2019

4-5Barony of DragonsspineCoronationKQ/PPJeannette Delacroix
10-12Kingdom of ArtemisiaCastle Crusade - ArtemisiaK
17-19Shire of Nahrun KabirunClan WarsTuathflaith
18Barony of Unser HafenBrewer's Fest and SocialQLady Gwenllian MacDonald
18Shire of BryngolauMayday 2019 & Oxygen QuestGunnar
19Barony of Unser HafenPolling & Fighter PracticeK/QBaroness Safiyya
19Barony of DragonsspineMaydaySelene of the Sky
23-27Barony of al-BarranGrand Outlandish XLVI & Baronial PollingKGrainne Shocair
24-27Barony of CaertheJocivus - A weekend of fun and merrimentQRobert Magnus
June 2019

1Canton of Hawks HollowOutlands Heralds and Scribes SymposiumKatelin de Irelande
7-16Kingdom of CalontirLillies War XXXIII&Known World Historic Combat Stu
7-9Barony of DragonsspineDragonspine ChampionsK/QAltani
13-16Kingdom of AnsteorraKnown World Dance and Music SymposiumBaroness Myfanwy ferch Eifion
18-23Kingdom of NorthshieldNorthern Realms WarKFreydis Jensdottr
21-23Kingdom of MeridiesKnown World Costume and Fiber Arts SymposiumN/A
21-23Shire of Rio de las AnimasRio de las Animas DefenderTHL Jacques
22Barony of AarquelleArquelle NewcomersLady Chiara
29Barony of Unser HafenUnser Hafen Champions & Baronial InvestitureK/QCecilia Caterina de Firenz
July 2019

5-7Kingdom of CalontirKnown World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium 2019
9-14Kingdom of the OutlandsBattlemoor XK/QElisee & Dubhghail
26-11Kingdom of AethelmearcPennsic War 48K/Q
28Barony of Fontaine dans SablePageantry in the Park & Baronial PollingK/QElizabeth Anne Grene
August 2019

2-4Shire of DrygestanDrystoneBendri Cihan
9-11Barony of Caer GalenCaer Galen DefenderK/QFinn ua Brian
16-18Barony of DragonsspineArchery CollegiumAltani
29-2Kingdom of the MiddleKnown World Cooks and Bards SymposiumN/A
30-2Kingdom of AtlantiaKnown World Agriculture and Forestry SymposiumN/A
30-2Barony of Fontaine dans SableWarders of the Western Gate & Baronial InvestitureKWyolet Bertrem
September 2019

14-15Barony of Caer GalenOutlands Crown TournamentK/Q/P/PAnne Bigod
October 2019

8-14Kingdom of CaidGreat Western War XXIIK/Q
18-20Shire of Nahrun KabirunSiege of the CityIlo de Faux
November 2019

December 2019

7Barony of Caer GalenCaer Galen MidwinterDona Rowenna
January 2020

4-5Barony of CaertheCaerthe 12th Night & War PracticeArndis Kyntir
February 2020

March 2020

April 2020

End of Calendar Listings