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Resources for Events

Planning an Event?


Check the Calendar

The kingdom calendar has both approved and tentative events, to help you find an open weekend


Submit a Proposal

Work with your local group and email the proposal form to events@outlands.org


Promote the Event

Submit your approved event for promotion on the website, newsletter, and social media

Have questions about event planning?

I. The Outlands Calendar

A screenshot of a calendar

The Kingdom Calendar is where people can find events from around the kingdom. It includes events ranging from single day events that might have a few dozen people to our largest annual events which have more than 700 participants.

Anyone can host an event! You can work with your local group to come up with an idea, propose and have it accepted, and then invite people from your neighborhood or from the ends of the Known World.

The first step in promoting your event on the Official Outlands Kingdom Calendar is to review the current calendar to be sure you are not scheduling against any events near you that may draw some of your audience away.

II. Proposing an event

Once you have secured a good date for your event to take place, the second step is to submit an Event Proposal Form to the Kingdom Calendar Deputy according to the type of event you plan to host:

Work with members of your local group to find resources on sites, schedules, reservations, and budgets.

Email the completed form to kingdomeventsdeputy@outlands.org

III. Promoting Your Event

The most important part of event planning is event promotion.  The Outlands wants to help support attendance at local events throughout the kingdom, so we have created multiple ways to get the word out about your event; the Kingdom Calendar, the Outlandish Herald newsletter, and social media listings.  

Two people getting food during a feast in the woods
Photo by Nerienda of Elmet

The Kingdom Calendar is the official and central calendar of events for Outlands Kingdom events as well as other local events going on around the kingdom.

The Outlandish Herald is the official newsletter for the kingdom and has been the primary source of published info about events going on anywhere in the Outlands.

The Social Media office helps promote events across the many social media outlets where people look for information.

List Your Event in the Newsletter and on Social Media:

In order to do “Official Business” at an Event, it must be published in the Outlandish Herald Newsletter.  Official business includes activities such as Peer Circles, Royal Court, etc. 

The Outlandish Herald also offers the opportunity to promote your event with details and promotional ad copy.

Many people use social media to plan their calendar, so we provide kingdom-monitored event listings on official Facebook channels.

To Add a Web Page for Your Event:

All events need a web page where people can find the basic information about the event. There are three options for where your web page can exist.

A tent at sunset
  1. Your local group can host the event web page on the group site. This is often the most convenient option for local events. Contact your local web minister to get this page created.
  2. The event can exist solely on the kingdom calendar. You can add all of the information someone might need for the event, as well as promotional images. Reach out to the kingdom calendar deputy for this option.
  3. For more complicated event listings, we can work with you to create a listing on events.outlands.org, which has a lot of great features specific to event listings that might not be available on your local group website. Send an email to services@outlands.org to set this up.

Ready to promote your event?

Why Host an Event?

There are many benefits to hosting Events:

  • Building brand recognition- Events help promote your Local Group by exposing the group to new people in your community.  Events, especially in public venues, bring newcomers and gives us the chance to showcase our Society and what we are about.  
  • Connecting with others on a face to face personal level- Events give us the opportunity to connect with old friends, meet new friends, and get some camaraderie time in an environment that is usually some kind of celebration or relaxing activity.
  • Strengthening the community- Events help people bond in different ways.  For instance, they may have to work together to organize the event, or maybe join forces on a team for a game or competition, or through social activities, such as feasts and parties.
  • Generating revenue- Events can help your local group generate revenue through site fees or event fees.  Be sure to charge enough to cover expenses, but not too much that the event becomes unaffordable.
  • Establishing thought leadership- An Event can help promote ideas or ideals that people may not have considered before.  Ideas like new fighting scenarios, new ways of getting a more authentic look using modern materials, or maybe teaching new ways of doing things better are all ways to provide thought leadership or to show how your group is really good at one thing or another.
  • Having fun- Events are a great opportunity to have fun, blow off steam, and relax.

What types of Activities take place at Events?

The types of activities that take place at events are usually themed towards the type of Event.  if the Event is a feast, you can expect there will be a lot of food and maybe light entertainment.  If the Event is a fighting tournament, you can expect heated battles and Heraldic displays. 

The possibilities for Activities are endless, but here are some examples of Activities that take place at Events:

  • Tournaments (Fighting, Archery, Arts, etc)
  • Exhibitions (Arts & Sciences, Fighting, etc)
  • Performing Arts (Bardic)
  • Court Dancing (European Folk Dance)
  • Feasting and Cooking
  • Games (Backgammon, Chess, etc)
  • Royal Court
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Camping
  • Drum Circles
  • Mercantile Activities (Buy / Sell / Trade)
  • Power-lounging (ahh relaxing)


We have answers!


Direct any questions that you have about event paperwork or the submission process to the Events Deputy.


The Calendar Deputy can help you with any questions or corrections about how your event is listed online.