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Adding wax seals to a scroll


  • Incoming Earl Marshal and Armored Sergeant

    Hear me, Great and Mighty Outlands, and pay heed to the word of the Marshal! Two noble servants to the kingdom have been chosen to fulfill the upcoming roles in […]

  • Dragonsspine Champions event change

    Good populace, We have been watching the weather closely over the last week, and hope this missive finds you well. We are writing with regret to inform you that, due […]

  • Windhover Bard competition to be held at Caer Galen Midwinter

    Good People of the Outlands!  My time as Windhover Bard is nearing its end, and Their Majesties will require a new bard to entertain Their people. The Windhover Bard competition […]

  • Fall 2023 Crown Tournament Results

    The Honorable Lord Fjolverkr the Red was victorious in the Outlands Crown Tournament, on the 14th day of October, and will stand with Mistress Melissa of Monster Hall as Heirs […]

  • Volunteers wanted for Demo Handbook Committee

    Call for Volunteers! The Office of the Seneschal in partnership with the Office of the Chatelaine is asking for volunteers to serve on the Demo Handbook Committee.  The goal of the […]

  • Call for applicants – Laurel Principal Sovereign of Arms

    The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is seeking candidates for the position of Laurel Principal Sovereign of Arms (Laurel). Laurel is the principal heraldic officer of the Society and the […]

  • Changes to Kingdom Law

    Mighty Outlands! See and hear the laws from Mordygan, Cyning and Ymanie, Cwyne.

  • Baron Edric Capellarius announced as Kingdom Exchequer Elect

    We are very excited to welcome Baron Edric Capellarius as the new Kingdom Exchequer Elect! We have scheduled my retirement as Kingdom Exchequer for December 9th at al-Barran’s Midwinter.  Please […]

  • Filled: Kingdom Earl Marshal and Armored Combat Marshal

    Greetings Glorious Outlands! Two years have passed us by as the ever-flowing stream, and my warrant for Kingdom Earl Marshal draws to its end. It has been a time of […]

  • Event Steward Committee

    The Event Steward Committee is looking for volunteers to rewrite the Event Steward Handbook.  Interested individuals should contact the Chairwoman, Dutchess Conal O’Riordain at northseneschal@outlands.org.