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Seeking Heraldry Office Letters of Intent

Greetings unto the Outlands from Æðeluulf munec, White Stag Principal Herald.

The Midwinter season is upon us, and we will soon welcome a number of new peers across the kingdom, and the changeover of the Barony of Caer Galen. I hope to see all of you, and share in the cheer this season brings, with Midwinter, Twelfth Night, and soon enough the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Fjolverkr and Melissa, the Dread Lord and Lady of all Argonia.

Within the College of Heralds, we are anticipating the publication of the Sixth Edition of the Heralds’ Handbook this month, and we will make sure that all branch heralds have an electronic copy. We are also celebrating the promotion of a number of heralds within the ranks of the College; I would like to thank each and every one publicly and personally for their contributions to the Outlands over the past year.

Finally, the time has come to open letters of intent for my successor.  I have greatly enjoyed my time as White Stag, but my time must come to an end. We will be soliciting applicants for the position of Palmer Herald (Herald-Elect) through 28 February 2024.

The duties and responsibilities of Palmer Herald are generally the same as that of White Stag (see below). It is also a great opportunity for a herald to see if Principal Herald is a job for them. Success in this position (and in the position of White Stag) is mostly keeping track of projects and shepherding them along, not being the single point of authority.

As the chief executive of the College of Heralds, White Stag works with the Crown of the Outlands, the Greater and Lesser Officers of State, as well as Laurel Sovereign of Arms and their deputies Wreath, Pelican, and Palimpsest.  They are ultimately responsible for the timely processing of heraldic submissions, notification of registration decisions, and recording of awards issued by the Crown and Their Coronets.  They are to inspect and confirm the proper display of emblazons of armory on official documents, and to put their seal and or signature to correct displays. They are also charged with the creation and education of new heralds to support the continuation of the College of Heralds.

If you are interested in the administration side of the College of Heralds, or want to see what being a Kingdom Deputy Officer is all about, please reach out to whitestag@outlands.org. Your letter of intent should include SCA Name, Mundane Name, Membership Number, previous heraldic and administrative experience, and a brief statement about what you want to see the College of Heralds do under your tenure.

I remain, in service,

Æthelwulf munec

White Stag Principal Herald