A branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and El Paso

Local Branch Herald

The local herald is your average Member’s first contact with the College of Heralds, advising folks on the process of registering their names and devices. Even those without Awards of Arms may submit for a registered name and device, and the local herald is their first stop!

In a branch below the Baronial Level, the Herald’s office is one of the optional offices, so many smaller shires and colleges may not have a designated herald. If you are interested in volunteering in your local group, and even if you have no experience whatsoever, we welcome new volunteers!

If your local group has a herald, they certainly would welcome a deputy, so please reach out if you are interested!

Please feel free to contact White Stag with questions or letters of interest via email at: whitestag ‘at’ outlandsheralds.org.