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Kingdom Equestrian Marshal LOIs

The Outlands Kingdom Earl Marshal is currently seeking candidates for the position of Deputy Marshal for Equestrian (Kingdom Equestrian Officer, KEO). Applications for the office will be accepted through January 30 2023.KEO’s duties include:

Managing the kingdom equestrian marshallate and oversight of equestrian activities within the Kingdom.

Investigate and address accidents and incidents involving equestrian activities within the Kingdom

Warrant equestrian marshals, and ensure they are rostered in the Outlands authorization database

Maintaining records relating to equestrian matters in the Kingdom

Update and maintain the kingdom equestrian rules and authorization procedures to be compliant with Society Rules.

Verify that waivers are handled in compliance with Kingdom procedures, including monitoring the activation of equestrian insurance when required.

Regular reporting to the Kingdom Earl Marshal and the Society Deputy Marshal for Equestrian.

The successful candidate should have the following skills/competencies:

Good Communication skills

Ability to work with other Kingdom officers and deputies, and resolve conflicts.

Good familiarity with Kingdom and Society equestrian rules

Ability to meet deadlines and complete required reports

Ability to attend practices and events with reasonable regularity

As accessibility is a vital part of this office’s responsibilities, and a bulk of the correspondence is electronic, a reliable internet connection is also required.

Letters of intent should be sent to myself at Equestrian@outlands.org, KEM at Earlmarshal@outlands.org and The Kingdom Seneschal at Seneschal@outlands.org