thl alditha archery

What brought me into the SCA?

The SCA has just a huge variety of activities that it staggers the mind!

But, what got me involved in the SCA was Archery! I hadn’t done archery since I was a child, plus I am not very coordinated – lol! So on a whim, I thought why not? Let’s give it a go!.... I went to an outdoor practice, the Captain of Archery was there and many others – everyone was so helpful on the basics of archery – holding the bow, how to shoot, and the range rules (very important)!

The camaraderie is amazing, hanging out with people who all enjoy the same thing and in a medieval setting WOW! Over time, I have even learned how to make my own set of arrows and a quiver (that didn’t turn out so hot but I tried).

I never thought I would have been learning all this stuff.

Archery has also led me to try heavy fighting (not my thing but it was fun to try!); Rapier (Wow! they move incredibly fast!); the Arts and Sciences (‘cause I wanted to wear comfy headwear– so I could shoot and  so my hair wasn’t in my eyes) and to volunteer – I get to help with setting up and/or taking down the field with everyone else and it’s a blast as I get to talk more with people.

I really enjoy shooting archery outside, when people bring their day shades/popups and banners and pennants and medieval furnishing! Even at practice!

When I am out on the range shooting and the banners are blowing the wind – for a moment just a moment or two it is like I could be back in the medieval ages and it is an amazing moment!

For me, Archery as opened a whole new world of fun and different experiences in the SCA and for that I say, “Huzzah”!

The Honorable Lady Alditha de la Tye, OSO

Kingdom Chatelaine


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