The Royal Family

robert magnus magge magnus Morgan Robertsdottir 2

Princess Royale Morgan Robertsdottir, His Majesty Sir Robert Magnus, Her Majesty Mistress Magge Magnus

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Master Bela Kierzon
Royal Archer

Lord Konrad von Alpirsbach
Stag's Blood Captain

THL Decimus Modius Varro


Windhover Bard

Lord Kenna McKenna
artsci badge
A&S Champion

Mistress Liepa Jonaite
Silver Tynes Captain

Don Gatlon de Sepultura



King's Champion

Sir Griffith Atte Dernedyngle


Flower of Chivalry

Lord Falnor


Royal Scribe

THL Avram Ibn Gabirol


Blue Iris Herald

Mistress Ansteys Darcy


Silent Herald

Chozek de Mameluk


Lady of the Robes

THL Akilina Ianikitova


Captain of the Guard

Sir Lief Daleson


Head of Household

Marquise Dubois


King’s Guard

Sir Alexander MacAndrew
THL Dagorix Nantonignos
Sir Albrecht von Trier
 Duke Walrick de Blakeney
Sir Titus Modius Varro







Queen's Champion

THL Adrien De Calais


Bearer of the Queen’s Favor

Sir Alverik Czypser


Protector of the Queen’s Heart

Master Hawkrill


Rapier of Chivalry

Don Seamus MacRae


Defender of the Queen

Sir Kronos


Steward of the Royal House

Lord Mahowne M’Agaloglie


Head Lady in Waiting

Baroness Catherine de Northewoode


Largesse Coordinator

Mistress Ursula Darcy


Queen’s Guard

Dona Elena Isabella de Glastonbury
Lady Elaisse Fourniere d’Aubigny
Lord Iago
Lord Gilbert le Verrat
Lord Hardwin Godricsson
Lord Falnor
Lord Thugar
Lord Su-Nak Dan-Thun

Ladies in Waiting

THL Elinor Rose Sandbourne
Mistress GwenCat
Lady Abigail MacNaught
Katherine Attewater
Lady Tsura de Zane Pamant
THL Jibrail Attar
Lady Adriana Lopes de Rodas



Royal Preferences

His Majesty

Her Majesty


Foods: veggies with ranch, cheese and meats, pasta, red licorice Foods: veggies, fruit and protein (meats, cheeses and eggs)
Drinks: Diet Mountain Dew, Red Stag and beer Drinks: unsweetened iced tea, Ouzo
Garb Preferences: Norse Garb Preferences: Persian


 red, gold and black  blue, purple and white with butterflies and hummingbirds as charges


They both appreciate handmade goods, pottery, trim, jewelry and starter kits for crafts, green, gold and stags.