Their Majesties wish it to be known that they truly wish to attend these Winter feasts but if the high mountain passes become unable to be traversed They may have to cancel last minute.
Date Group Event Royal Progress Autocrat
December 2017

2Shire of Rio de las AnimasYule RevelQRa
2Barony of Unser HafenYule at Wellmark KeepRosalind
2Barony of DragonsspineDragonsspine A&SAttani
9-10Barony of Caer GalenCaer Galen Midwinter and War PracticeK/QMichaelangelo
16-17Barony of al-Barranal-Barran Midwinter and War PracticeK/QBronwen
January 2018

6Barony of the Citadel of the Southern PassTwelfth NightK/QTariq & Elieth
6-7Barony of CaertheCaerthe 12th Night & War PracticeDianna & Alasdair
13Barony of AarquelleViking Vinter VonderlandtFelicita
20Barony of Fontaine dans Sable12th Night Feast and War PracticeK/QMariah
27Barony of DragonsspineDragonsspine CandlemasK/QAntonio
27Shire of BryngolauSt Brigid's Day CelebrationLlywus
February 2018

3Barony of Caer GalenTri-BaronialElizabeth
3College of Saint GoliasSt. Golias Southern War PracticeTorrin
3Shire of PlattefordhamCandlemasFjolverkr
17Kingdom of CalontirWinter War ManeuversGyda
20-26Kingdom of AtenveldtEstrella War XXXIVK/Q
March 2018

10-11Barony of al-BarranCrown TournamentK/Q/P/P
23-25Shire of Nahrun KabirunSiege of the CityK/QJohn & Timir
April 2018

14To Be DeterminedKingdom A&S CompetitionQ
21Barony of Unser HafenBrewer's Feast and SocialKathryn & Gwenllian
28Barony of AarquelleSpring DefenderAudrey
28Barony of al-BarranAlbuquerque Renaissance Faire - DEMOElisee
May 2018

5-6Barony of CaertheCoronationK/Q/P/P
24-28Barony of al-BarranGrand Outlandish XLVBelatumara & Fierien
June 2018

8-10Barony of DragonsspineDragonsspine's ChampionsBroddi
8-10Kingdom of AethelmearcKnown World Heralds and Scribes SymposiumAlaric
July 2018

6-8Barony of AarquelleRapier CampPiero
13-15Shire of BryngolauMountain Pas & Highland GamesIsouda
14Barony of DragonsspineThynaire Pas d'ArmsLydia
27-29Shire of Rio de las AnimasDefender of the SilverpassRonan
August 2018

29-3Kingdom of the OutlandsBattlemoor IXRowland & Generica
September 2018

1-2Kingdom of NorthshieldKW Academy of the Rapier and Armored CollegiumAneira
16Barony of DragonsspineA Plesaunt HuntRaisa
October 2018

November 2018

December 2018

End of Calendar Listings