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THL Estefania de las Yeguas
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In the Outlands we have a strong tradition of horsemanship. Currently have active equestrian guilds  from all reaches of the kingdom.

Unser Hafen in the north, Caerthe in the Denver area, The Shire of Rios de las Animas on the western slope and Glean Medonach in the south.

If your equestrian guild is not listed here or if you would like help in building up the Outlands Cavalry in your area please let us know!

There are great variety of activies the equestrian guild does. Mounted archery, medieval games, processions, foam-tip jousting, and armored mounted combat just to name a few.

The Equestrian Office is here to help provide the resources you need in order to enjoy the participation of horses at events in the Outlands.