Current Kingdom Chatelaine

The Chatelaine is the Recruiting and Retention Officer for the Kingdom of the Outlands.

The SCA is a historical preservation society, recreating the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe. While dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, you can experience tournaments, royal courts, feasts, and dancing. You also have the opportunity to learn and practice ancient arts and skills — calligraphy, cooking, armoring, metalworking, carpentry, and needlework (to name just a few) — within an all-ages social group that promotes camaraderie and the values of Chivalry.

The SCA is a great place to make friends and learn transferable skills.

Letter from the Chatelaine

 Greetings to All!

If you are reading this you are either a newcomer looking for information (please go to ‘Newcomer’ the links provided at the top of this page) or are a Chatelaine looking for information (please go to the Chatelaine Quick Links on the upper left of this page).

The Kingdom Chatelaine’s office is here to assist all newcomers and chatelaines. There is a wide breadth of information available, which can be a bit overwhelming, I understand completely.

If possible, Chatelaines please use the Discussion Forum - if it you have a question then others’ may, as well. Alternatively, if you prefer, feel free to contact me privately by email or facebook messenger.

I will do my best to assist you so you can do your best in your office and to all Newcomers I will do my best to find your Chatelaine for you, so you can start your adventure in the SCA.

Yours In Service,

THLady Alditha de la Tye