The current Plague of the modern age has stranded us all at our homesteads, unable to share the wondrous art that we have been doing over the past year. So, we are moving into the ether. The Office of the Outlands Kingdom Arts and Sciences and the Kingdom Webminister’s Office would like to announce the opening of the Kingdom of the Outlands Arts and Sciences Portal at This portal is intended to serve as a place where everyone can post personal projects and recorded classes to share with the Kingdom. It will also be used to post entries to competitions to share with those who cannot attend an event in person. (Which is all of us at the moment) People from all over the Kingdom will be able to see what you have done. These do not have to be new projects. Please upload items from the past as well so that we can create an archive of the art of the Kingdom.
Here is how you upload your projects and videos:
1. Finish your project and documentation
2. Take up to 8 pictures of your project and a video if needed.
3. Find your "PersonID" from Browse to your record, then look at the URL. [COPY THESE NUMBERS]
4. Go to and create an account. No personal information will be displayed on the site except for your SCA Name, but we need the information to contact you for competitions etc.
5. Select a competition or none if you are just uploading a project to share.
6. Enter the information about your project. The only items that you MUST enter are Project Title and images, but to make it really educational, all the other sections are really helpful for people to understand what you have done. At the very least, try to put a note about what inspired you to make it.
7. Hit “save”
8. Go and check out your project.
9. Upload more projects
A more extensive user guide can be found at
The first competition using this portal will be Her Majesty Nerissa’s Queen’s Prize on April 25th ,2020. Entrants are asked to submit their entries by April 20, 2020.