Good people of the Outlands hear these words from Béla and Nerissa, King and Queen of these fair lands.

As most of you know the SCA Board of Directors are recommending that all SCA activities and events be suspended until April 30th. We agree with this recommendation and are hereby suspending all organized activities in the Outlands until April 30th.

We understand this puts a strain on local groups and We encourage them to think outside the box and find some ways to hole virtual officers, business, or guild meetings when possible. We have lots of tools to stay connected with each other using various social media platforms. Reach out to your friends often. Keep in contact using those platforms, or by calling them or sending an old-fashioned letter or card.

We would like to clarify something that We keep getting questions about. We are still planning on having Crown and Coronation on the first weekend in May. It is very likely that this will need to be pushed back some, but it is Our intent to hold it as soon as is reasonable and possible. Several people have reached out to ask if new letters of intent will be accepted for this Crown Tournament. At this time, We will not be reopening the list for Crown. The published list of fighters and consorts will be who gets the honor to fight to become Our rightful Heirs. Should things change, the event gets pushed back farther, accepted fighters and consorts withdraw from fighting, then We will reassess as needed and announce that We are reopening the list at that time.

We appreciate everyone who has reached out to offer your services to the Kingdom in this time of uncertainty. We are firm in Our convictions that together, the Outlands will prevail. We look forward to when things can go back to normal. Until that happens, stay safe, be smart, care for each other and be mindful of others when purchasing resources.

In service to the Outlands,

Béla Nerissa
King Queen