Hail to land where dragons dwell! Good tidings from King Kolgrimr and Queen Danielle.

This weekend past We had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful barony of Dragonsspine. We enjoyed Ourselves very much and would like to thank Our populace for their joviality and kindness. We would also like to thank Baroness Mary for the use of her incredible land. The site was far more than beautiful and it certainly made this already incredible event much more so. 

His Majesty enjoyed Himself greatly in the heavy tournament held on Saturday morning. The fighting was chivalrous and most entertaining for all who participated and watched. The rapier tournament was held afterwards and Her Majesty felt great joy at the acts of chivalry and prowess that She did see upon the field. After that, an archery tournament commenced and there was much skill to be beheld upon the range. Congratulations to all the new champions of Dragonsspine!

We also held baronial polling to determine the next Baron and Baroness of the barony. We thank all of the good gentles who did come and speak their words of counsel to Us on this matter. We determined that Don Gianni Sangermano and The Honorable Lady Jeanette deVallier will ascend to this honored position. Congratulations are due to them both!

We made such wonderful memories this weekend past and We very much look forward to seeing all the good gentles in this wonderful barony again!

In service to the Dream,
King Kolgrimr and Queen Danielle