Greetings to the land of the scorpion from King Kolgrimr and Queen Danielle!

We thank you for your gracious hospitality at this past Grand Outlandish. It had been many years since His Majesty had attended this magnificent event and He greatly enjoyed his return. Her Majesty had never before had the pleasure of attending and was impressed by the hospitality of the people of al-Barran.  

 The tournaments that were held were a fearsome display of prowess and honor, both upon the heavy field and also the rapier field. The Knight’s Bannerette Tournament was thrilling and We will always remember the gentle who took the field and sang beautifully for all to hear. The Templar Twilight Tournament was most entertaining and Her Majesty was struck by the kindness and chivalry of the warriors who took the field. We also very much enjoyed the spectacular Hafla that night. The dancing was mesmerizing and the drumming was inspiring. 

 We wish to thank Jarl Gunwaldt and all those who assisted with the Baronial Polling. We also wish to thank all of the gentles of al-Barran who took the time to speak with Us about the future of the Barony. We announced at Grand Outlandish that the next Baron and Baroness of al-Barran will be The Honorable Lord Marc Antoine de la Rue and Baroness Bianca de Vittoria. Congratulations are due to them both. 

 We also wish to thank Their Excellencies of al-Barran for their incredible generosity and hospitality. They attended to Our every need and were amazing hosts. Her Majesty particularly enjoyed herself at the Baroness’s Tea that Her Excellency hosted. 

 We will cherish the memories that were made at Grand Outlandish and We greatly look forward to our next visit to al-Barran. 

In service to the Dream, 
King Kolgrimr and Queen Danielle