Unto the generous and good populace of the Outlands do Bela and Anna, King and Queen, send warmest greetings!

As We return with Our victorious army from the glorious fields of Estrella, We are mindful of all of the wonderful Outlanders who helped make Estrella the best event possible. To all of you who traveled with Us and shared Outlands hospitality with the known world, to every marshal, water bearer, artisan, musician, archer, fighter, list mistress, herald, and especially everyone who volunteered at gate or security - thank you so much! You have given Us the greatest gift we could ever receive. You have all made us so proud to be your Crown.

As the seasons change, We turn our sights towards finding Our Heirs. To all warriors and consorts, We charge you to conduct yourselves in all ways with courteous grace and chivalrous virtue. Remember always that your honor is worth more than any victory. Bring your best, fight hard, and bring glory to the Outlands. 

In service to the Outlands We remain,
Bela-King            Anna-Queen