Thank You, My Outlands

Beloved People of The Outlands,

As Our reign draws to a close, I often pause to reflect on Our journey. This experience has been one of the most brilliantly transformative of Our lives and has made Us both stronger, more confident people in all of the roles We play. The generosity and devotion of the good peoples of the Outlands have given Us an eight-month fairytale dream come true. I wish to thank you all for giving Us this reign.

I personally have grown so tremendously over these past eight months that I hardly recognize myself. In this space of time, I have gone from a wide-eyed newcomer who received her Award of Arms the day she became Crown Princess, to a Queen who stands up confidently among any crowd. Thanks to the good gentles of the Outlands who have believed in Me, I have become the woman I never dared to believe I could be.

This time on the Stag Throne has taught me that my heart is big enough to love and embrace the Kingdom as her people’s mother. I have learned that if I merely relax into the warm love of our people, my welfare and heart will want for nothing. Our people are kind, generous, and protective of those we hold dear, and I have been the fortunate recipient of that devotion.

By allowing me to love you, and loving me in return, you have helped me develop the best parts of myself. We all do that for each other in this society. In accepting and loving each other, we all are mutually encouraged to become the best versions of ourselves. It is my firm belief that by creating community and devoting ourselves to caring for friends and family within that community, we are accomplishing one of the most important things we can do in our lives.

As Queen, I have seen the large and varied community of the Outlands from a bird’s eye view. I am able to trace the latticework of relationships that overlay hundreds of mundane miles and bridge wide cultural divides. It is a joy to witness our diverse peoples come together for the common purposes of a shared dream.

In this society we are all working to develop ourselves in new positive directions. We strive to become more selfless and generous in our service; more patient and diligent in our artistic endeavors; and more brave, gracious, and equitable in every confrontation. We help and guide each other along this path, and we offer each other kind encouragement when we see a friend falter. As a community we evolve together, continually striving to better ourselves and all develop our “peer-like qualities.”

I have learned the true value of friendship, in having to rely so completely on so many people to coordinate, facilitate, and serve our every activity. I wish to first thank all of the members of Our household who went above and beyond their required duties to serve His Majesty, Me, and The Dream with their countless hours of service. Somewhere in the midst of these thousands of hours we have spent together, we have knitted ourselves together into a family who laugh and cry together and hold each other up in times of strain. You are all my family for life and I love you with my whole heart.

To all of those who organized and staffed the events of the Outlands the past six months, I thank you. We have been incredibly fortunate to attend and host the events that our Baronies and Shires have coordinated so conscientiously. We have enjoyed ourselves immensely and are proud to share our kingdom’s hospitality with visitors and friends.

I wish to thank the artisans of the Outlands, who donated so much of themselves through their time and talent. We have received many bountiful baskets of largess donated through Our Baronies and Shires – many full of anonymous gifts. We have also received special gifts for foreign royalty and beautiful donations for honored gentles. The library of scrolls alone that our Kingdom’s scribes have produced for this reign would put any medieval monk to shame.

His Majesty, Our children, and I have also received amazing personal gifts as well, thoughtful works of art and craftsmanship that bring tears to my eyes. For all of you who donated to Kingdom largess this reign, I extend my most heartfelt thanks. You have made me a generous Queen who showers Our people and those from foreign lands with the handmade treasures of Our artisans. Thank you so much for making so many delighted recipients happy with your handmade gifts.

I wish to thank all of the fighters who fight strong on the fields of tourney and battle, for the glory of the Outlands. When you salute me, I am humbled by your sincerity, and honored by the chivalry with which you face your opponents. All of you fine men and women make Us proud when you fiercely represent Our stag in battle and defend Our beloved Kingdom with all of your hearts. Thank you for your devotion.

I would like to specifically thank all of the tailors, cobblers, and jewelers who have donated countless hours, cramped fingers, and stiff backs to the cause of making the Crown of the Outlands strikingly well-attired. In this society, we transport mundane spaces into far-away lands with our garb. Without these talented and generous gentles, I would be an average adult woman in jeans. These artisans are to thank for creating the beautiful aesthetic of Our reign and making Our Dream shine.

I would also like to thank all of the children and those young at heart in our Kingdom, who have kept My dream alive in their sparkling eyes. To see awe and wonderment in the eyes of a child is perhaps the best gift a queen can receive. I have been shamelessly greedy with hugs from your children this reign and don’t plan to stop. I only hope that Countess Kathryn gets to continue these relationships with your children and be the recipient of this joyful energy. Our children have likewise been accepted by the Outlands’ good gentles and have enjoyed this reign tremendously. Thank you to all of the children who make this game magical for the rest of us.

And lastly I would personally like to thank my King for giving me this opportunity to experience this fairy-tale journey with him. I have learned how Our strengths are different and absolutely complementary and that together We are two halves of a whole. To grow alongside my strong and handsome husband in this endeavor has been an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Your Devoted Queen,