Serving the Outlands

I have recently been reflecting on what it means to serve our mighty Kingdom of The Outlands and the beautiful benefits we receive back from Her in return.

When I ask myself what draws us together to combine our diverse efforts and pursue our common purpose, I think of the virtues that our beloved Kingdom represents. When we swear fealty to the Crown, we give ourselves over to our ideal Kingdom of The Outlands whose values shine true, and whose leaders protect and reward Her good people for their talents. When we devote our efforts to serving the Crown, we receive in return a sense of belonging and a precise position within Her folds. She brings meaning to the hours of labor and creativity that we devote to making Her stronger, more esteemed, and more beautiful. We all want our Outlands to shine brightly and light Her lands all the way from the Citadel of the Southern Pass to the Shire of Plattefordham and all places in between.

When I first arrived in these current middle ages, I struggled to find my place. Then my handsome King made me Queen and I was gifted with one of the most esteemed and public roles in our kingdom. I now serve The Outlands as Her Queen, and as such it is my duty and pleasure to be the loving mother to Our people.

I have found that every outward gesture I offer in service to the Outlands and Our people is returned tenfold. As I have embraced the people of The Outlands, I have been rewarded with an ever-expanding web of love and acceptance. I have also developed greater personal strength in tandem with the weight of the responsibilities that have come to rest on my shoulders. And I have gained a deeper trust and pride in my beloved partner and husband who has now also become my King. The more I serve My Kingdom, the more I am able to live my dream.

I encourage each of you to embrace your own service to these mighty Outlands. What do you contribute, and what do you receive back in return for your devoted efforts? A sense of belonging? Deep and enriching friendships? Greater artistic talent? Increased leadership or organization skills? I challenge you to develop your service in ways that not only enhance the beauty and strength of our mighty Outlands and Her people, but also contribute to your own personal growth.

We shall have need of such good people as you.