Unto all who come by these letters, do I, Angus Reid MacFarlane, White Stag Principal Herald, send Greetings!

Let it be known far and wide that Their Royal Majesties conducted the following business at Grand Outlandish, on May 27th, in the year AS 52 (Being 2017 in the Common Reckoning of Years.

The Event Stewards shared words with Their Royal Majesties regarding the site and event.

Don Gaston de Sepulveda was summoned forth to return the Princess Protector Regalia to the Crown.

New Ladies, Queen’s Guard, King’s Guard, and the Largess Coordinator were invested as members of the Royal Retinue.

Tears of joy were shed by many as Their Royal Majesties bestowed a Court Barony upon Sir Dennis the Wright!

For his fantastic theatrics while falling in battle, Lord Jorgen Joregenson (known as Ja Jorgenson) was admitted into the Order of the Fallen Snow

Fedelm was given an Award of Arms (a second one...whoops!)

Lord Rafael Fernando Montes de Castillo gave an event announcement.

Their Excellencies of the Citadel of the Southern Pass bestowed a rattan banjo into the hands of a gentle as part of a bit of business from their predecessor.

Baron Aarquelle stood and made announcements about Battlemoor (while handing out some collectable cards!)

Lucrezia de Carducci and Gregor Malakov, wife and then husband received an Award of Arms!

Mistress Rose and Lady Aleathia presented a donation of largess to His Royal Majesty.

Lady Olivia Solís de Luján was commanded into His Majesties Presence, where she was admitted into the Order of the Stag’s Blood for her skill in battle.

A back scroll was read and given to Lord Torgoth of al-Barran for his Award of Arms.

Lord Alexander of Lancaster was summoned forth by His Royal Majesty...followed immediately by the Order of the Chivalry as he was offered admittance into the Order.

On Sunday, May 28th, Their Majesties conducted the following business.

Staros of Helicon was offered admittance into the Order of the Chivalry!!!

Thus concludes Their Royal Majesties’ business at Grand Outlandish.

As always, any mistakes found within this missive are solely the errors of this herald and in no way a reflection on Their Royal Majesties.

In Service to the Crown,

Angus Reid MacFarlane

White Stag Principal Herald