Herein please find the report of the Kingdom courts at the Condottieri event, hosted by the Barony of Caerthe May 26-29, 2017.

Saturday morning-

-Her Majesty exchanged fealty oaths with those peers and populace who wished to.
-THL Estefania de las Yegua and Lord Louchelan de Hay were inducted into the Queen’s Guard.
-His Excellency, Sir Alasdair MacDubhghaill the Scot was made a Venerable Guard.
-The Queen’s own daughter, Katherine le Fayre atte Watere was invested as Princess Royale.

Saturday evening –

-Various landed nobles were not present when Her Majesty’s court began. Please know that is not at all because they were negligent in their duties, but that there was a miscommunication about the processional. Once they arrived, they were welcomed by Her Majesty the Queen.
-Her Majesty noted that there were over 20 horses participating in the equestrian activities.
-Master Avram syn Osvetoslavl’ was released (with great thanks) as Kingdom Scribe, and THL Perryn Coelbrant was sworn in.
-Lady Illaria Joye was made a Companion of the Argent Hart.
-Sir Ronan Supelach was made a Defender of the White Scarf. (Trivia question – without looking it up, can you name the other knights that are also White Scarves?)
-I was about to close Her Majesty’s court, when she, struck with inspiration, demanded that her Champion, Lord Iohann der Fuchs, attend her. Queen Ansteys gave wordfame to Iohann’s actions at Her Favor tourney, where he asked that anyone entering the tourney should go through him first. She praised his character and virtue. While speaking, the Order of Chivalry quietly came forward to kneel behind Johann. Her Majesty the Queen then offered admittance to that august order to Lord Iohann. (Answer to be given at a later date.)

Sunday evening –

-Her Majesty the Queen deigned to give her poor herald a break and announced herself in the processional. She then received the Princess Royale and her Barons and Baronesses as they rode into court on horseback.
-The Barony of Caer Galen announced their new Equestrian Champion, a fellow named Malcolm who was attending his first event. I, myself, witnessed his fine horsemanship earlier in the event.
-The Baron and Baroness of Unser Hafen presented Her Majesty with beautifully illuminated scroll blanks.
-The Kingdom Chronicler, Lady Annika Hoglund, announced the winners of the Blackfox Awards. It is my hope she posts those names soon, as I did not transcribe them, although it seems that Dragonsspine is very lucky to have their award-winning Chronicler.
-An announcement was made about an upcoming Science Fair, organized by Mistress Arcadia and Don Robert. Further details are forthcoming.
-Lord Rino handed out medals to three Outlanders whose IKAC scores exceeded all others. THL Konrad, Lady Dairenn, and Lord Ubertino were those fine archers.
-Her Majesty, Queen Ansteys announced she had received word from Grand Outlandish Tournament that King Lief had offered admittance to the Order of Chivalry to Lord Alexander of Lancaster. The crowd cheered.

Respectfully submitted,
Matilda Seton
Blue Iris Herald