Herein lies the report of the Coronation Court of King Lief III and Queen Ansteys –

The Coronation ceremony proceeded with its usual pomp and circumstance!

-Duke Bela Kos was named as King’s Champion
-Lord Iohann der Fuchs was named as Queen’s Champion.
-Aidan Liefson was declared to be a Prince Royale and upon his brow was placed a circlet.
-Helena Liefson was declared to be a Princess Royale and upon her brow was placed a circlet.
-A change to Kingdom Law – moving the annual Warlord of the Outlands tournament to September or October.
-Their Majesties’ policy on photography of court was read (see separate post).
-Mistress Anne Bigod was made to be the Steward of the Royal Household.
-Mistress Melodia Shaw was invested as Head Lady-in-Waiting.
-Lord Alexander of Lancaster was made Captain of the Queen’s Guard.
-The Defenders of the White Scarf presented Her Majesty and Ladies of the Rose with a LOT of roses.
-His Majesty explained that although this is personally his first reign, there have been two other reigns in the Outlands with Kings named Leif. He sought counsel on the matter while he was Crown Prince, and received the blessing of House Ivarson to honor Duke Leif Ivarson (of blessed memory) by being the Third of that noble name.

Respectfully submitted,
Matilda Seton
Blue Iris Herald

Herein lies the report of the Saturday afternoon court of King Lief III and Queen Ansteys, at their Coronation event–

-Robert Magnus was recognized as a Count
-Magge Magnus was recognized as a Countess and inducted into the Order of the Rose
-The Stag Choir sang a lovely and lively song, to the great enjoyment of all
-Queen’s Guards were invested
-Ladies-in-Waiting were invested
-King’s Guards were invested. Please see the Outlands Website for the full lists.
-His Majesty increased the wordfame of Countess Gilliana, thanking her for the many items of clothing she had sent to him.
- White Stag Principal Herald came forward, Her Majesty formally retired as Gimlet Herald and Master Duncan Alastair MacRae was named as her replacement. Her Majesty gifted to Gimlet Herald a fine book about Crowns and Coronations.
-Mistress Sabiha al-Zarqa’ al-Karakiyya was made a Companion of the Golden Pheon for her skill at archery. The beautiful scroll was done by Leticia Attewode and was on papyrus.
-Master Mellitus Rouncivale and the rest of the Calontir Contingent made a presentation on behalf of the Crown of Calontir, and also extolled the generosity and hospitality of the people of the Outlands.
-Sir Bardolf Gunwaldtsson was named the Shield of Chivalry for his fine and honorable actions in Crown Tournament.
-The Order of Defense presented Her Majesty white roses and to each of the landed Baronesses some lovely flowers (I know not what kind they were).
-The autocrat, Mistress Kiara Loftus, made announcements and then was given a multitude of gifts to enjoy and to share with her staff.
-The members of the Order of the Laurel were called forward. Her Majesty declared that there was one that they wished to add to the Order, and then Her Majesty went into the crowd and brought forth The Honorable Lady Asenath de Winter. Her Ladyship was asked to choose a time to give her answer to the Crown. There was much rejoicing in the hall!

Dutifully proclaimed,
Matilda Seton
Blue Iris Herald

Herein lies a report of excitement at the Coronation Feast of King Lief III and Queen Ansteys –

During the first remove, Duke Bela, in his armor, entered the back of the hall. He said these words:

“I am Bela Kos of the Chippendales, knight of the society, Bone Duke of the Outlands and sworn Champion of King Lief the third.

If there be anyone, be they Jarl, Karl or Thrall,

who say that our Sovereign Lord, King Lief third by that name

is not the rightful King of the Outlands, I say that man lies like a false traitor

and I am ready to cross swords at any time to prove your treason.

Here is my gauntlet. Pick it up if you dare.”

Whereupon he threw down his gauntlet and gazed around the hall. Those feasting put down their knives. He nodded to his attendant, who picked up the gauntlet and gave it back to him. His Grace then moved to the middle of the hall and said this:

“If there be anyone, be they noble, freeman or slave,

Who denies that Lief Fairhair is not the undisputed King of the Outlands,

I call you villain and vermin, and I challenge you to a holmgang

Here is my gauntlet. Touch it and name your day of reckoning.”

Again the threw his gauntlet to the floor. Nobody moved. Again he nodded, again the attendant returned his gage. He moved to the front of the hall, standing before the head table, and said this:

“If there be any, of high degree or low,

Who rejects Lief Two-Swords as the True King of the Outlands,

I declare you to be a Nithing and challenge your existence in this hall.

Here is my gauntlet. Take it up, if you have any blood, and I will take it from you.”

His gauntlet was thrown a third time. No one dared breathe, for fear they might draw his gaze to themselves. After a pause, His Grace nodded, and was given his gauntlet. He then knelt before the King, pledging again his sword. His Majesty the King toasted Bela with a goblet shaped like a skull, and then gifted the goblet to His Grace. The hall resounded with cheers.

Also, as dessert was being served, Mistress Ursula Darcy and Earl Mika Longbow were called from the kitchen to the King’s table. The feast both pleased and thoroughly sated Their Majesties, and they proclaimed that Mistress Ursula will be their Royal Dapifer. There was much rejoicing.

Humbly reported,
Matilda Seton
Blue Iris Herald


Herein lies the report of Sunday’s court at the Coronation event of King Lief III and Queen Ansteys –

There were several small courts throughout the day, one before the tournaments began and one after each was done. Here is a list of the highlights of the business conducted.

-Lord Nazir was inducted into the King’s Guard.
-Don Aegeon the Actor won the right to be Protector of the Queen’s Heart.
-Jarl Freana Geardson was made the Rapier of Chivalry.
-Count Robert Magnus won the Queen’s Favor. He now bears one of Her Majesty’s sleeves, which were beautifully embroidered by Baroness Morgan Cheyney.
-Lord Gilbert le Verrat was made the Flower of Chivalry.
-Don Robert Hunteman won the honor to be the Queen’s Defender.
-Special notice was taken by Her Majesty that Lord Cormac O Duinn worked hard to be authorized to fight in all three tournaments. The Queen called him Iron Man.

The fighting throughout the day was honorable and chivalrous. There were pick-up fights and music and singing and joyful conversation. Many hands helped to take down and pack away things as the rain began in earnest.

Delightedly recalled,
Matilda Seton
Blue Iris Herald