Greetings Dear Outlanders!

As you all have probably heard by now, the Outlands will have a War Truck going to Gulf Wars! At this time, the Outlands Financial Committee would also like to share some of the financial details of the War Truck and the War Fund with you. 


We will be renting a 26’ truck and hope to have at least 2 drivers traveling from Fort Collins to Albuquerque to Gulf Wars and back. The estimated cost of the truck, fuel, and other incidentals is around $6500. We have $302 in the War Fund. The Outlands Financial Committee has approved the use of General Funds to supplement the War Fund, though we would like to see an increased effort in fundraising for the War Fund for future endeavors. 

So how are we going to pay for the War Truck? Here are just a few ways that we can recover the costs and try to rebuild the War Fund going forward.


First, we will be increasing the bundle fee to $15/bundle, to be paid at the pickup location. We will accept cash or check made payable to “SCA Inc., Kingdom of the Outlands”, AND we will be able to take credit card payments through our PayPal account. With the rising costs of both the truck rental and fuel, we needed to increase the bundle fee while attempting to keep it affordable for everyone to participate. In the past, the bundle fees collected have only been able to support about a third of the cost of the truck - the old bundle rate would have made this much worse.


Second, did you know that any volunteer hours paid out to the Kingdom of the Outlands at foreign wars automatically gets applied to the War Fund? If you’re going to War, please consider volunteering a few hours of your time to the War. Just mark Kingdom of the Outlands as the group you’d like to receive the money for your hours. Here’s the link to sign up for volunteering at Gulf Wars:


Third, donations given at War Practices can be applied to the Kingdom War Fund. This has been a forgotten practice that we would like to see start up again. There may not be many War Practices on the calendar right now, but when they are, this can be a great way to get ahead of the costs throughout the year for the next War Truck.


Fourth, private donations are always welcome. Currently, we can take cash or check donations made out to SCA Inc. Kingdom of the Outlands. We are working on getting the Kingdom PayPal ready to take donations and hope to have that up and running by the end of the month. These can be given to your local Exchequer to be forwarded, or sent directly to Kingdom. Be sure to specify how you would like your donations to be applied, ie. Kingdom War Fund, Royal Travel Fund. If neither are specified, the donations will be applied to the Outlands General Fund. 


My address for direct donations is:

SCA Inc., Kingdom of the Outlands

c/o Dawn Reed

5158 Red Oak Way

Parker, CO 80134


We are excited to offer a way to give back to our Populace by getting more people to War! Don’t forget to pre-register at:


Yours In Service!

THL Tsura

Kingdom Exchequer