Greetings Mistresses and Ministers of the Lists of These Mighty Outlands!

As the Mighty Stag shakes off its slumber and charges forward into this new year, we find ourselves refreshing the roster of our valued and needed MOLs. We ask that all those who hold the office of an MOL (Minister or Mistress of the Lists) or those interested in being one such member of our Marshalate please email the Kingdom Mistress of the Lists, Baroness Morgan Cheyney, to be added to the roster. We need this roster to be able to communicate updates and news from the Marshalate to you, as well as reach out to you about tournament results on all fields. Your service is deeply appreciated- but we want to be sure we know of it and receive word!

All those interested in being a MOL (or continuing to be) should email the Kingdom MOL at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In your email, please include the following things to be added to the roster:

Your SCA name (We need to know who you are!)
Your SCA membership number
Your local group (We need to know where you are!)
The email you would like to be contacted about MOL business at
A phone number in case email fails us

Interested in being a MOL but you never have been before? Write our Kingdom MOL at the email address above and I am certain she would love to tell you all about the position! Mistresses and Ministers of the Lists are the martial record keepers of our Kingdom- running tournaments alongside the Marshals and reporting those results back to the Marshalate for publishing!

Applicants for the MOL roster will have until January 31st to contact the Kingdom MOL before the roster is published. You will be able to find it on StagsApp just the same as you would look up Local Authorizing Marshals! Anyone who misses the deadline isn’t barred from joining of course- just know that you will need to be on the roster (so that we can hear of your good works and let you know of changes and updates!) before you can fill a seat in this wonderful office.

Without you, everything is just practice-

Sincerely, Sir Ronan na f-fiacal mac Connail
Earl Marshal of These Glorious Outlands