Jax Anna RainbowUnto the Glorious Kingdom of the Outlands do We, Jaxarticus and Anna, Rex and Regina Outlandium,  bid thee all a heartfelt thank you and a fond Farewell.

Last Spring we were blessed with the Honor of becoming King and Queen of this amazing Kingdom. During this time, We traveled the from the stretching Pines of Windkeep, down to the Standing stones of the City of rock.  We visited with old friends and made new ones. There had been something off coming back from the plague times, but eventually we saw the magic reappear before our eyes. We witnessed the Honor, Courtesy, and Valor of our populace Throughout the Known World. The Outlands Warbands traveled from coast to coast. Our victories were many, our losses few, and as always, a valuable lesson. Old alliances were kept as we battled alongside Calontir on the fields of Pennsic.  The Kingdom of Atendveldt and the Outlands stood together as the mighty force “Outenveldt” at Great Western War, fighting for the Principality of the Mist and The Kingdom of the West.  Incredible Adventures were had and thus we have all of you to thank.

We would especially like to Thank the following people; Sir Slaine, Our Head of household, who kept this all moving along despite my best attempts to thwart well made plans. Mistress Bri, Our Mistress of the Robes, she did an amazing job, as did her entire staff of helpers who came from many Kingdoms to keep us so well dressed. The Queen’s Champion Duke Boleslav, whose sharp spear and wit were welcome company on our many adventures.  My Champion Sir Adrian and the “Lone Guardsman” Sir MacBain were at my side battle after battle. Baroness Maria and THLady Hrefna for helping make sure we were attended and cared for. Don Eago for being the ultimate Queen’s guardsman. Master Duncan and all the Heralds who made our courts possible and timely. Earl Mordygan for traveling the known world and helping us wherever we were.  And of course, Nero, my faithful hound, who kept our home safe along with Luna his personal service dog.

Many people throughout the Kingdom greeted us with a smile and a helping hand on our journeys and we wish we could have done even more, but Alas our time is done. It is our time to support our Heirs, and in turn, this great Kingdom.   When we work together, we are stronger and better. And We can always be better.

Thank you all, We wish you the best, may health and adventure be yours. It has been a privilege to serve this Kingdom, and We look forward to the many years to come. Who Knows, We might be back, one of the perks of being immortal.

Acta Non Verba

Jaxarticus Rex                  Anna Regina