Unto the armored fighters of The Mighty Outlands, Crown Tournament is nearly upon us! It has been brought to the attention of the Marshalate that many of you have not been keeping track of your authorization status on StagsApp and that some are finding information conflicting with their assumptions. Hopefully this can help explain a few things:
You are required to have a signed waiver (Blue Card) on file with the Marshalate to be authorized. This means that if your Blue Card expires, and you do not reauthorize to update that expiration date, your authorization will expire. Authorizing marshals are instructed to limit authorizations to the length of validity of the presented membership, but humans err. If you have a pink card that says you are authorized but your status is red, it may be that your waiver on file has expired. The way to fix this is to reauthorize with an Authorizing Marshal.
If your Authorizing Marshal failed to report your authorization, then your waiver expiration is not on file- meaning your authorization is invalid. A few of you have presented this instance as happening; Authorizing Marshals failing to follow the guidelines will have their permissions revoked as, after all, it is you the fighter that is inconvenienced by their short comings. You can instantly  check on whether a submission has been made by checking StagsApp- it updates in real time. If your authorization was never submitted, you can notify the office of the Earl Marshal so that the Authorizing Marshal can be addressed and then seek a local Authorizing Marshal to reauthorize.
Unfortunately, some of our Authorizing Marshals have not been holding to the requirements of their office and will have their permissions revoked. While we apologize for any inconvenience, this is a volunteer organization, and your patience may be needed in support of those following the rules and working to serve you. 
Please, by polite to your local Authorizing Marshals and work with them to help them help you.
In Service,
Sir Ronan na f-fiacal Mac Connail
Earl Marshal