Greetings Outlanders,
As Autumn fast approaches many opportunities present themselves for honor, glory, and adventure.
Crown tournament fast approaches and we expect to see even more letters of intent by the 26th of the month. Bonus points to why this day is significant.
Requirements for entrance to the Outlands Crown list including what needs to be included in your letter can be found in Outlands Kingdom law under part
III. SELECTION OF ROYALTY. Kingdom law can be found on the website here:
It is imperative you read Kingdom law to be eligible.
On Sunday the Outlands Warlord Tournament will be held. The Warlord is an important part of the Outlands war staff encompassing the greatest melee skills of our kingdom by showing mastery of all weapons and channeling the spirit of the Outlands at War.
Speaking of War The following weekend it’s Great Western War. We are expecting an amazing Outlands turnout this year so don’t miss out. More to come soon on the GWW Warband.
We look forward to seeing everyone out and about the Kingdom during the Harvest season and wish you all safe travels and good times.
Acta Non Verba
Jaxarticus Rex
Anna Regina