Good Morning!


I would like to make the below as an official announcement on behalf of the marshalate to the populace of The Outlands:


Hail to the Glorious Outlands and to those who follow their martial passions!

  It is with an overjoyed heart that I am able to announce the launching of “StagsApp”, a new digital record for martial authorizations across the kingdom. It is the culmination of many, many hours of work- with still some work to be done. It is currently available on Android devices and will be available on IOS in the future, once that “lovely” company is appeased. Outlanders of all martial pursuits can find their authorizations and their applicable handbooks on the App.

What does it do?

StagsApp has a real time database of authorizations. Simply look up the activity and find your SCA name- A green mark means you are up to date and a red mark means your authorization is expired and needs to be updated! You can also find links to all of the Society and Kingdom handbooks on the App, as well as a tab to find who is an authorizing marshal in your nearest local group. It’s gets better! Authorizing Marshals will be able to update your authorization via the App- no more needing to send in cards and reports as it can all be done digitally.

Why isn’t my name on the database?

Well, probably because you are not authorized! Even if you have a Pink Card from an authorizing marshal, if they do not report to the marshalate that you were authorized that piece of pink paper means nothing at all. Having an up-to-date roster of martial participants is required by Society, and protects the game we love in the case of accidents. If your name isn’t on the database, just find a marshal and reauthorize (correctly this time) and you can let the Office of the Earl Marshal know who incorrectly authorized you before so that we can ensure it does not happen to more unsuspecting participants in the future.

Why is my name marked red?

There are three reasons a name may be marked as red or expired: 1- Your authorization has expired! 2- Your membership expiration that you gave the authorizing marshal has expired. You need to have a membership to participate in marshal activities (You cannot authorize nonmembers) and as such, no authorization can be valid without a valid “Blue Card”. When you reauthorize, give your new Blue Card info to your authorizing marshal and they will get this squared away. 3- You have had your authorization pulled- if this has happened you probably know why your name is marked red!

How can I be an authorizing marshal?

All the martial branches have their own systems for being an authorizing marshal. You can contact the Marshalate Sub-Officer of your activity (Equestrian, Rapier, Archery/Thrown, or Armored) with more questions. For Armored Combat (Heavies) we will need to refresh our roster for the app. Those interested in becoming (or continuing to be) authorizing marshals for heavy combat should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the “Subject” line of “Petition for Armored Combat Marshal”. To be an armored combat marshal you must be a paid member of the SCA, have an active Armored Combat authorization, be in good standing with the marshalate, and have demonstrated your ability to safely authorize combatants (usually in the form of an interview or prior knowledge of ability from the current Marshalate).

Where can I find this Miracle App?

It can currently be found in the Google Play store under the name “StagsApp”. We will announce when it is available upon fruit-based devices.

Thank you everyone for your contributions to the marshalate of These Mighty Outlands!

In Service,

Sir Ronan na f-fiacal mac Connail

Earl Marshal