Greetings unto the populace of Atenveldt, Outlands and all brethren to whom these letters may come.

Heavy are the heads that wear crowns and guide our beloved kingdoms. Great are the responsibilities of the officers as they manage their duties. Blessed are the populace who benefit from the strongest brotherhood of kingdoms in the known world: the friendship between Atenveldt and the Outlands!

Hear this missive from the Crowns of Atenveldt, the Crowns of the Outlands, the Seneschals, Exchequers, and Financial Committees of each of our kingdoms.

It is with somber hearts that we share news of Estrella: declining attendance, poor weather, consequences of a pandemic, and a new site, have hindered attempts to make this historic inter-kingdom war financially viable. We strongly considered delaying Estrella for one more year, however, financially it is not feasible under the current conditions. Therefore, we have decided to retire our plans for Estrella War as we currently know it.

More information is located at the Kingdom of Atenveldt's website located and on YouTube