I hope this finds you healthy and well.  

Last month we hosted StagsCon.  It was well attended and a lot of learning, good discussion, and identification of things we want to work on as a Kingdom was done.  Coming up February 6th, we will be hosting a Diversity and Inclusion Round Table with Bystander Intervention Training.
A quick note about membership numbers.  While a number of folks have been concerned about our membership numbers, I would like to assure folks that at the Society Level, we are not looking to take action on groups that do not meet their membership minimum, and at this time, no group in the Kingdom is close to falling below the threshold to maintain their group status.
We are working on plans for resuming in person activities, but please remember that the SCA is currently not sanctioning in person events, and mundane law in New Mexico and Colorado does not allow for gatherings.
Thank you,
Christine Woyade