Hail to The Mighty Outlands!

 Though it seems like it has been forever since we have all met on the field of battle, the horns of battle will sound again. Though we do not have a certain date of when, we warriors of The Outlands must stand vigilant for that day when it comes. As such, we will be working hard to address the situation of expired fighter authorizations, across all martial activities, so that when this plague has ended, we can all get right back to doing what we love.

 First and foremost, we will be changing the colors of authorization cards, so that there is no confusion about what is up to date and what is expired. As such, everyone will be needing a new card, which we will be happy to take care of for you as follows depending on your current Authorization:

Group A) If your authorization, be it Heavies, Lights, or Equestrian, expired prior to March of 2020, you will need to reauthorize as normal. We will be addressing authorizations in the coming months, so look forward to that news when it comes out, but for now, please send us pictures of your expired card so that we can get you into the new system just like the other the other groups.

Group B) If your Authorization expired during the shutdown (between March 2020 and May 2021) you can send us a picture (front and back) or your expired authorization card and a picture (front and back) of your membership card and we will get you renewed in the system and get the newly updated cards out to you! Please be sure to include a mailing address in your email so we can get you the new card!

Group C) For any whose Authorizations will still be good by the time of reopening, you will have three months after we reopen to get reauthorized before your card expires, regardless of the date printed on the card. You can do that now if you like by following the rules for Group B, or after we reopen.

To any who are interested in being Authorizing Marshals on the reopening, please email the Earl Knight Marshal with a petition and we will be in contact with you! There will be many changes coming to make our authorization system easier, more efficient, and most of all safer for us all.

Emails should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for both Authorizing Marshal Petitions and Reauthorizations.

Thank you all for your efforts in making this a smooth transition. Stay safe, keep fighting, and we will see you all sooner than you think.


Sir Adrien De Calais KEM