Please provide your letter of intent for the Kingdom Seneschal position to the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal by October 31. This position requires good administrative skills, including planning for Kingdom events, Coronet changes, interpretation and updates of Kingdom Law and Policies, and participating on the Kingdom Financial Committee. The Seneschal must be supportive of, and work closely with the Crown, as the final decisions rest with the Crown.

It is also helpful to be able to enlist the help of others as Deputies. A portion of your time is to investigate complaints made against members and non-members, make recommendations to the Crown and Society Seneschal, and ensure the final decision is being upheld. Directly, and/or through Deputies, train, guide and ensure that local group seneschals are supported in their role. As the official representative of SCA,Inc. for the Kingdom, compile reports, keep up with and ensure that the Corporate Policies are followed, and be responsive to the Society Seneschal. This position requires a lot of time and energy to do well, and requires daily attention.