Good people of the Outlands hear now these words from Your Sovereign Lord and Lady, Béla and Nerissa, King and Queen of these lands.

As many of you are by now aware the Board of Directors has determined that no in person events shall take place in North America until January 31st, 2021 without getting a variance to do so. We are sure this was a hard decision for them to make, however We feel it was right and just for them to do so. We fully support this decision as the safety and well being of all or Our populace is Our primary focus right now. We applaud the Board of Directors and the Society Seneschal for putting all our wellbeing at the forefront and making this difficult decision. We thank them for what they have done for all of us this day.

We will continue to monitor things on a Kingdom and local level to see if there are opportunities to have small, socially distant activities that would allow people to participate in the SCA while remaining safe from exposure to covid-19. If We believe it is safe to do so We will make appropriate announcements at that time. We encourage everyone to continue using other mediums such as zoom, YouTube and Facebook to continue to stay connected to friends and to learn new skills or hone those ones you already possess.

Our Windhover Bard has organized a virtual Bardic competition to find his replacement. The first part of this will continue as scheduled We will discuss what to do about the finals and make that decision known to you all in the very near future. If you have desire to compete for the Windhover Bard position, please continue to follow the instructions put in place by Lord Ronan. If you have any questions about it reach out to him or post in the Kingdom group to get things sorted out. We would also like to take a moment and say thank you to Sir Thomas and all who have added something to his slow bardic idea, they have all been wonderful to watch and we look forward to seeing more entries!

We know that these days are difficult on all of us. We all would rather be at events with our friends and families. Until we are able to meet again in person continue to be strong of heart and character. Continue to care for one another and to be supportive and remember that we are all under a lot of stress. Continue to check in on friends and loved ones. Continue to learn and practice the courtly graces and the art of chivalry in all that you do.

All Our love,

Béla                      Nerissa

King                       Queen