We, Béla King by right of arms and Nerissa Queen by grace and favor send heartfelt greetings to the glorious Outlands.

As things continue to change and evolve, We have continued to monitor the situation. Our Kingdom Seneschal has reached out to various government agencies throughout the Outlands to keep up to date with restrictions and requirements for gatherings and events. The Outlands is comprised of multiple States and this makes things more difficult as the rules and regulations are different in each State. While it is possible to have larger gatherings in some parts of the Kingdom than others, We feel it is best if decisions are made with the strictest rules in mind. We would not want to encourage members of Our populace to break the rules where they are because of their desire or want to go to an event in a different part of the Kingdom. We would not be ok with even one member getting sick because We said it was ok to host an event or practice.

With this in mind, We would make it known that We are extending the cancelation of all official SCA events, meetings, practices and gatherings until the end of August. We appreciate all the hard work that autocrats and local officers have put in to plan events and try to give the Outlands something We can all do together safely. We just feel that the risk is still too great to allow anything official to occur. We remain hopeful that things will change, and we will be able to start getting back to normal, with events and local practices and guild meetings in the not too distant future.

We are also looking into ways of limiting event attendance and ways of ensuring that those who attend follow social distancing measures and wear masks to make things as safe as possible. It is very likely that when things do start back up there will be a requirement to preregister for events to ensure that we do not exceed the number of attendees allotted for each event. We remain hopeful that We will be able to have Crown Tournament and Find Our rightful Heirs in September. Remember that if you wish to compete for that honor a letter of intent is required and it should contain a list of all events both the fighter and the consort have been too from Estella War 2019 through Estrella War 2020, as well as the usual requirements found in Kingdom Law. These letters of intent are due no later than midnight on the 28th of August.

Until we can come together again as a Kingdom, remember to be kind to each other. Continue to practice social distancing, wear masks, and wash your hands often. Continue to check up on each other and to help each other where you are able. We miss you all and We cannot wait to be able to see you again!

In Service to the Outlands We remain,
Béla Nerissa
King Queen