We, Béla King by right of arms and Nerissa Queen by grace and favor send heartfelt greetings to the glorious Outlands.

Oh, how We miss being able to camp and sit around a fire and enjoy the fellowship of Our populace. We miss being able to watch tournaments and fight in melees. We miss getting to go to the archery range or the equestrian field. We miss seeing artisan’s lane and learning new skills in person. We miss falling asleep to the sound of drums. We miss seeing all your smiling faces at court. We miss hearing the Stag Choir and story time with the children. We miss so much of what makes the Outlands great. We know that you all miss these things as well.

We are thankful for the many different and creative ways that have been found to continue learning and growth in so many areas. It is truly wonderful to see all the classes and how-to videos, as well as the interview type shows that have sprung up to fill the void created by missing events. These and so many more resources have been amazing to try and help with the loss of being able to come together as a group and enjoy the current middle ages.

One thing within the Kingdom which has really taken off is the Royal Outlands Interkingdom University. We would like to thank all the previous members of the Board of Directors of the University for their hard work and dedication to help keep it going through the years. We would like to thank all who have taught or taken classes through the University as well. At this time, We would like to present to you the current Board of Directors for the Royal Outlands Interkingdom University, Master Hassan al Tariq ibn Yusuf ibn Askari al Ghassani al Jibayli will serve as the Dean of the University. He is joined by, Mistress Thorhalla Bjarnadottir, Bantiarna Gráinne Ṡocair, Lord Frosti Grímarsson, and Lord Reynard des Roches as the complete Board of Directors. Please join Us in saying thank you to them and the teachers for helping make the University grow! If you have any questions or are willing to help moving forward you can contact these fine members.

We would like to thank Our officers, of all levels for continued service and dedication to their many offices. We understand that things are a little harder right now on them and We very much appreciate all that they do. Some of Our officers have worked for a very long time and due for some deserved rest and relaxation. At this time, We would announce that Sir Lothar vom Bergenwald has stepped down as Kingdom Earl Marshal, Your Excellency you have Our gratitude and thanks for your service to the Outlands. The new Kingdom Earl Marshal is Sir Adrien de Calais with Sir Samuel de Grace serving as second in command and drop-dead deputy. We thank you for your willingness to serve the Outlands in this capacity!

The scribes of the Outlands have always been impressive with their skills and dedication to creating amazing works of art for the Crown and landed Nobles to give out with awards. The Honorable Lady Perryn Coelbrant has served the Outlands dutifully and faithfully for the last several years and has earned a much-needed rest from those duties. We thank Her Ladyship for all her hard work as the Kingdom Scribe. At this time, We would like to announce that Lord Cuhelyn of Northanhymbre is the new Kingdom Scribe. We look forward to working with him in the coming months as We get back to being able to have events.

We are very much looking forward to when we can all come together at events and practices and guild meetings. Until that time, We would remind you all that the SCA should be a place of welcoming and inclusiveness. We should celebrate our diversity and be mindful of how our words and deeds affect others. There is no place in the Outlands for hate, bigotry, misogyny, prejudice, or intolerance due to religious or political beliefs. We know that not all of us feel the same way about every topic and that is expected, and it is how things should be. It is not ok to treat anyone poorly because you have a different view of the world than them. We are all Outlanders, we have more in common than we have differences. Our love and study of the middle ages is what brings us together as a community. Let us all be mindful of these points as we interact with each other digitally. Let us remember that communication through online means is often open to interpretation due to not being able to hear inflection or tone of voice, as well as not being able to see facial expressions and body language. Remember to be kind to each other and to treat each other with respect.

Please continue to be vigilant in defense against covid-19. Continue to look out for one another and lend each other support where you can. In all things, remember the core values of the society, courtesy, honor, and integrity. Continue to check in on your friends and loved ones. We are proud to be Your Crown. We are proud to see so many of you helping in so many amazing ways. You have all done so much to give Us hope for a much brighter future. Thank you.

In Service to the Outlands We remain,
Béla​​​ Nerissa
King​​​ Queen