We, Bèla King by right of arms and Nerissa Queen by grace and favor send greetings!

Today We are writing so that all may know of the efforts of Mistress Morgan and THL Lêofsige (Lyssa) on the Royal University. The reviving of the University has been such a joy for many while in quarantine and it has brought Us so much joy to see so many people pursue degrees from The Royal University during this uncertain time.

Mistress Morgan and THL Lêofsige (Lyssa), Thank you for revitalizing interest in the Royal University after it had lain dormant for so many years, and for fulfilling a great need during these difficult times.

With the Royal University being on hiatus for such an extended period of time it has become necessary to update the charter, the board and for a new Dean to be selected. To continue operating the University these updates must happen as soon as possible. It is Our sincerest hope that the Royal University is able to continue operating and see historic growth. We are very excited for this time of Renaissance. We are currently seeking members of the populace to fill the board and to help with the recharter. Ideally we would have board members from the South and the North so that both areas feel represented on the board. Please submit your letter of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you again to these amazing gentles who have championed the Arts and Science during this trying time.

Long Live the Royal University and Long Live the Outlands!

Béla & Nerissa