Good people of the Outlands harken to the words of Béla and Nerissa, King and Queen of these noble lands.

We hope this missive finds all Our populace in good spirits and good health. We know that these are hard times for a lot of us. We have a lot of health care professionals and other essential workers who have been putting their own health at risk for the good of the community and continue to be heroes in the face of danger. We have members who have followed the shelter in place orders to the letter and are helping flatten the curve so we can all go back to normal sooner. We know that tensions are high, there is a lot of anxiety at the uncertainty of the future. People are worried about their friends, family and loved ones. Worried about the economy and the long-term effects of a prolonged shut down. Worried about being able to provide food and shelter for themselves and their families. Worried about what the world will look like when this is over. All these things are natural and understandable, and We are feeling them Ourselves. We also worry about the health and well being of ALL Our populace members. We worry that removing restrictions on gatherings and events will unduly put people in danger and jeopardize their lives.

We know that some states are loosening restrictions and are opening some more businesses and facilities on a limited basis. However, gatherings of people are still very much limited to less than ten people. The WHO and the CDC are still recommending that people continue to shelter in place as much as possible and not gather in large groups. We have decided to follow the advice of the experts and extend the ban on organized SCA activities in the Outlands through the end of May. This counts for in person gatherings such as events, fighter practices, guild meetings, archery practices and officer and populace meetings. We encourage people to have as many of those meetings as you can in an online setting through social media or one of the many video chat platforms. To that end Her Royal Majesty is having an online Queen’s Prize Arts and Sciences competition this month. We would love to see all the amazing works of art that you all have been working on!! Look on the Kingdom webpage and the Kingdom Facebook page for information on how to enter and display your works.


We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust the official stance on in person meetings and events as is necessary moving forward. We are very much looking forward to the time when we can all come together as a Kingdom and celebrate each other and what it means to be an Outlander. It has been Our great honor to be your Crown, even in these uncertain times. You all inspire Us to be better every day! Your generosity of spirit, compassion for your fellow man and fierceness of determination have helped Us more than We can ever express to you. Thank you all!!


Until we can meet again please remember, stay safe, be smart, and continue to look out for your neighbor. Together, we can get through this. Together we are strong. Together we are OUTLANDS!!!


In service to the Outlands We remain,
Béla Nerissa
King Queen