Good people of the Outlands harken to the words of Béla and Nerissa, King and Queen of these noble lands.

We hope this missive finds all Our populace in good spirits and good health during these trying times. We are very proud of how Our officers and landed Nobles have been dealing with the stress of this pandemic. We know this is hard on everyone, but We are glad to see so many people reaching out to each other through various digital means, checking in, teaching, learning, having philosophy conversations. Thank you all for taking this threat seriously and acting accordingly.

It is with a heavy heart that We have decided to postpone Crown and Coronation once again. We feel that trying to hold it on the first weekend in May would put people in danger and that is something We can not ever do. We are working hard with Our officers, autocrats, and the SCA Board of Directors to ensure that when We are able to host Crown and Coronation that everyone will be safe first and foremost. We have had several people suggest that We host Crown with just the combatants and marshals and few people needed to run the tournament. While We applaud people for thinking outside the box and trying to come up with creative solutions to this problem, We are not willing to do that for many reasons, including We feel this would still endanger Our populace. We also would much rather wait for when this pandemic clears up and We can all come together as a Kingdom and enjoy the splendor and spectacle of Crown and Coronation. We are looking at trying to put things together for a June Crown and Coronation. If you have any suggestions for a site or location please reach out to Ourselves, Our Seneschal Jarl Freana, or Our landed Nobles with your ideas.

In the meantime, keep being safe and checking in on each other. Take this time to work on some projects that you have been putting off, learn a skill you have always wanted to learn, repair your armor and weapons. Continue to be kind to each other, help those who need it by making supply runs if you are able. Together We will get through this and be stronger for having gone through this crucible.

In service to the Outlands,

Béla Nerissa
King Queen