Round 2 Results:



Baron Estavon vs Lady Gianina: Victor Baron Estavon

Lady Gianina the Wanderer was eliminated


Sir Bardolf vs Hagen: Victor Sir Bardolf

Hagen Flusspferd was eliminated


Lord Khal vs Lord Séamus: Victor Lord Khal

Lord Séamus O'Súileabhán was eliminated


Sir Thorvald vs Sir Griffith: Victor Sir Griffith


Sir Felix vs THL Cristiane: Victor Sir Felix


Count Robert vs Dominus Albinus: Victor Count Robert

Dominus Tiberius Aurelius Albinus was eliminated


Duke Béla vs Sir Finn: Victor Duke Béla


THL Sebastiaen vs THL Paul: Victor THL Sebastiaen

The Honorable Lord Paul Jameson of Sutton was eliminated


Count Giovanni vs Sir Buqu: Victor Sir Buqu


Lord Gunnie vs Sir Falnor for the bye: Victor Sir Falnor