Welcome from beautiful Caer Galen. Todays Crown Tournament will be fought two out of three fights, with double elimination as the format. 


Round 1 is a challenge round chosen via order of precedence, it is destructive.

Here are todays entrants:



Duke Béla Kós Fights For Mistress Nerissa Della Badessa

Count Giovanni di Sienna Fights For 

Duchess Cainnleach Uiseir of Glendalough

Count Robert Magnus Fights For Countess Magge Magnus

Sir Thorvald Valdkrig Fights For Mistress Thorhalla Bjarnadottir

Sir Uighur-un Buqu Fights For The Honorable Lady Johanna Morganstern

Sir Felix Sniumi Fights For Lady Alexandra Valtakis

Sir Bardolf Gunwaldtsson Fights For Mistress Sabiha al-Zarqa’ al-Karakiyya

Sir Griffith Atte Dernedyngle Fights For Lady Marija Zuzoric

Sir Finn ua Briain Fights For Baroness Çinara Ybarra

The Honorable Lord Sebastiaen Bastoen Fights For Mistress Jeanne-Marie Dubois

The Honorable Lady Cristiane Woayde Fights For Sir Raymond the Quiet

The Honorable Lord Paul Jameson of Sutton Fights For Baroness Mael mide ingenDomnaill

Baron Estavon de la Vega Fights For Lady Anneka Mikaelsdóttir

Lord Khal Gan Fights For Lady Saikhan Nasan

Lady Gianina the Wanderer Fights For The Honorable Lord Nicolae cel Rares

Dominus Tiberius Aurelius Albinus Fights For Baroness Diana of Llanberris

Lord Séamus O'Súileabhán Fights For Lady Amice De Clara

Lord Gunnolfr Grimsson Fights For Lady Elizabeth Bakere

Hagen Flusspferd Fights For Lady Leticia Attewode