Round 4 results:


Master Hawk vs Lord Thorgrimr: Victor Master Hawk

Lord Thorgrimr of Rivenoak was eliminated


Sir Falnor  vs Dominus Tiberius: Victor Sir Falnor 

Dominus Tiberius Aurelius Albinus was eliminated


Count Robert vs Sir Iohann: Victor Sir Iohann


Duke Jaxx vs Count Giovanni: Victor Duke Jaxx

Count Giovanni di Sienna was eliminated


Sir Bardolf vs Sir Alexander: Victor Sir Alexander


Duke Walrick vs Sir Rowland: Victor Duke Walrick

Sir Rowland de Grey of Lincolnshire was eliminated


Sir Griffith vs Lord Seamus: Victor Sir Griffith

Lord Seamus Suileabhan was eliminated


Sir Buqu vs Dreaded Bye Fighter for the bye: Victor Dreaded Bye Fighter