Todays Crown Tournament will be fought two out of three fights, with double elimination as the format. 

Each round will have a specific weapon style. Round 1 is a challenge round chosen via order of precedence, it is non-destructive.


Here are today’s entrants.


Duke Walrick de Blakeney Fights For Duchess Cecilia Mowebray

Duke Jaxartes Tigris Generalis Fights For Countess Anna Mactaggart

Count Giovanni di Sienna Fights For Duchess Cainnleach Uiseir of Glenalough

Count Robert Magnus Fights For Countess Magge Magnus

Sir Alexander MacAndrew Fights For Grainne ingean ui William

Sir Uighur-un Buqu Fights For THL Johanna Morganstern

Sir Bardolf Gundwaldtsson Fights For Mistress Sabiha Al-Zarqa Al-Karakiyya

Sir Rowland de Grey of Lincolnshire Fights For Mistress Ymanya Murray

Master Hawk Rill Fights For Sir Adrien de Calais

Sir Griffith atte Dernedyngle Fights For Lady Marija Zuzoric

Sir Iohann der Fuchs Fights For Lady Martine de la Rochelle

Sir Decimus Modius Varro Fights For Mistress Maimuna al-Bukhariyya

Sir Adrien de Calais Fights For Master Hawk Rill

Sir Falnor Lakemierr Fights For Lady Kata Utamr Geirr

Lady Gianina the Wanderer Fights For Dominus Tiberius Aurelius Albinus

Lady Kata Utamr Geirr Fights For Sir Falnor Lakemierr

Dominus Tiberius Aurelius Albinus Fights For Lady Gianina the Wanderer

Lord Thorgrimr of Rivenoak Fights For Lady Kata of Rivenoak

Lord Ilo de Faux Fights For Lady Gwenlyn Aldwyn

Lord Seamus Suileabhan Fights For Lady Amice de Clara