Good Morning Outlands,

We are reporting live at the 2018 Outlands Fall Crown Tournament. The Barony of Aarquelle has provided a beautiful site and perfect fighting weather. We will have round by round updates as the list is announced. Todays Crown Tournament will be fought two out of three fights, with double elimination as the format.  The first round w, following rounds will be randomly selected.

Here are todays combatants:

Duke Walrick de Blakeney Fights For Duchess Cecilia Mowebray

Duke Darius of Jaxartes Fights For Countess Anna Mactaggart

Count Giovanni di Sienna Fights For Countess Gilliana Leigh Gallwey

Count J Hrorek Wolfson Fights For Countess Slaine inghean Ui Sheanain

Jarl Kolgrimr Olafsson Fights For Countess Kitta Ragnvaldsdottír

Sir Thorvald Valdkrig Fights For Mistress Thorhalla Bjarnadóttir

Sir Uighur-un Buqu Fights For THL Johanna Morganstern

Sir Felix Sniumi Fights For Lady Alexandra Orchestrina

Sir Bardolf Gundwaldtsson Fights For Mistress Sabiha Al-Zarqa Al-Karakiyya

Master Hawk Rill Hunnybun Fights For Mistress Nerissa Della Badessa

Master Adam Carmychel Fights For Sir Adrien de Calais

Sir Griffith atte Dernedyngle Fights For Lady Marija Zuzoric

Sir Faolan MacEwan Taver Fights For Lady Roana Campbell

Sir Decimus Modius Varro Fights For Mistress Maimuna al-Bukhariyya

Sir Adrien de Calais Fights For Master Adam Carmychel

THL Cristiane Woayde Fights For Master Jethro Stille

THL Falnor Lakemeirr Fights For Lady Kata Utamr Geirr

Baron Estavon de la Vega Fights For Lady Anneka Mikealsdottir of Hoglund

Lady Gianina the Wanderer Fights For Dominus Tiberius Aurelius Albinus

Lord Ronan na f-Fiacal mac Conaill Fights For Lady Illaria Joye

Dominus Tiberius Aurelius Albinus Fights For Lady Gianina the Wanderer

Lord GunnolfR Grimsson Fights For Duchess Cainnleach Uisser of Glendalough