Good News May 2018

Words from our local seneschals

Aarquelle – Seneschal: Generica McKenna
I Just got back from fighter practice. We had over 30 with about a dozen fighting. The last A&S had 26 in attendance. Our demo yesterday was a raging success and we had 2 new people at practice and a couple who are messaging like crazy to find out how to join. We're hosting Crown Tourney and have an A&S Fest, Harvest Fest, Viking Vinter and Spring A&S in the works. We've also agreed to combine Rapier Camp with Grace and Valor so we'll be holding out first joint event as a barony with Caerthe. Life is good in Aarquelle.
Upcoming Events:
- Sept 28-30: Rapier Camp
- Oct 13: A&S Demo
- Nov 24: Harvest Fest

al-Barran – Seneschal: Melodia Shaw
In al-Barran May means Outlandish. This years went well with over 500 for the first time in many years. We had two medical incidents, It has been years since we have had an ambulance on site but almost everyone reacted calmly and did as asked. The security team along with the Baronial guards were exemplary. Also the Outlandish site now has heated Showers.
Upcoming Events:
- July 20-22: Nock on Wood

Blackwater Keep – Seneschal: Devon
We continue to have monthly business meetings. We should be registered for the Peanut Valley Festival demo, we will be registered for the Roosevelt County Fair and already are for the Curry county fair.
We have decided to have a Raising of the Keep (not Razing) event Sept 20&21st. Lyra has volunteered to Autocrat this event for us.

Blaiddwyn – Seneschal: Sabiha al-Karakiyya
Blaiddwyn will be dormant for the summer, with activities starting again in mid-August.

Caer Galen – Seneschal: Rowena Colebrook
Caer Galen found new defenders for archery and equestrian at Condotierri.
We are almost ready to launch our new website with great excitement! It will have an events calendar, officers pages and links for newcomers.
Caer Galen is gearing up for Defender on June 30th at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. We will host our fencing and heavy tournaments to determine our new defender. There will be Quest for the Unicorn Horn, games and lots of pageantry.
Upcoming Events:
- June 30: Caer Galen Defender will be at Boulder County Fairgrounds

Caerthe Seneschal: Jeanne-Marie Oliver
Held two large events during the month of May. Spring Coronation and Condottiere. Both were well attended. We also had a demo at a local school that had a good number of our people including TE's make a showing.
The Collegi which is being held on the first thursday fighter practice has been well received. Hawk's Hollow Heralds office has conflict checked and sent in 25 local submissions. YAY! Heraldry! 
Our local A&S nights are being well attended
Upcoming Events:
- July 21-22: Science Faie
- October 6-7: Punkin Chuckin Festival
- January 5: 12th Night

Citadel of the Southern Pass - Seneschal: Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill
From the May Officer Meeting:
Baron and Baroness gave opening remarks.  They thanked the populous for coming and all their support. The last couple of weeks have been very busy and the active members have all been very busy. Remember that Grand Outlandish is coming and we want to be a baronial presence.
Thank yous to those who attended the White Mountain demo  Baroness, Rita, Carlos, Holly and Heather.
Coronation attended by Their Excellencies and family and Lord Julian.
MayDay Baronial Day/Mother's Day in the park was well contributed. The weavers and spinners from Nahrun came down as well as fighters and folks from al Baran. Warmin did an outstanding lunch and Sir Roger and Sir Conrad (sorry, don't know new name) organized the fighting. 
Their Excellencies expressed the importance or award recommendations. The service and contributions of the members need to be brought to the attention of the Crown and the Landed Barons. The recommendation form is online from the kingdom page.
Brandon...   Business cards ready.  He discussed and demonstrated the new marketing approach and internet database. He is developing a newcomer portal to he is also working on an interest database and officers will e able to access mailing lists.  Brandon suggested a practice demo on how to talk to people about the SCA. Also developing a Silver Key program to "work the crowd".
Jessa discussed a picture book as an educational tool.
Tues. fighter practice moved from private residence to Veteran's Park in the N.E.
Rapier practice on Wed. at MGS  gaming store
Upcoming Events:
- June 9 – 10: Soldier Con on Ft. Bliss
- Aug 24 – 26: Hastilude
- Oct 12 – 14: St Edrick’s

Draca Mor - Seneschal: Sæunn Hrafndóttir
Our little Shire has acquired three new members! We have spent several weekends supporting our new members by working on armor and garb. They will be ready to attend Battlemoor and will likely be able to fight. Please come by and welcome our newcomers at the Draca Mor camp at Battlemoor! 
We are having regular fighter practices and members continue to stay busy with A&S projects. We did host an A&S weekend on May 19th and 20th, in Glenwood Springs, for our newcomers, and existing members, to work on armor. And on the 28th we held a Basic Tunic Making Class.
Planning for STAG (Summer Tournament and Games) continues and a date has been set for August 25, 2018. This will be a Prize Tournament and will be held in Glenwood Springs.
Also, we have a new website! But no worries it still has the same name:
Upcoming Events:
- Aug 23: STAG –Summer Tournament & Games

Dragonsspine - Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall
Upcoming Events:
- July 14: Pas d' Armes
- Aug 17: Archery Collegium
- Sep. 16: A Plesaunt Hunt
- Oct. 27: Dragonsspine A&S
- Nov. 3: Holiday Bazaar

Drygestan - Seneschal: Christine Bishop
We are having business as usual. Outlandish was great fun with a number of Drgestani attending. We are having regular A&S classes and Fighter Practices.

Fontaine dans Sable - Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas
Upcoming Events:
- August 31 through September 3: Warders of the Western Gate

Hawk’s Hollow - Seneschal: Eric Morrison of Thistlekeep
Things are going great these past two months. We are looking forward to St Sebastians, the Estes Demo, the Pirate Fest Demo, Battlemore, Northern Realms War. Lots of Archery practices.
Several members attended Coronation. Yukiko was admitted into the Order of the Stag and Chalice and Dougal (sp) was admittesd into the Legion of Gallantry. Members of the Canton competed for the ranged weapons Champions. Baron Mahoney won Warden, MasterDaffyd won Warden.
Upcoming Events:
- August 4: St. Sebastians’s
- September 6-9 4: Estes Irish/Scottish Festival
- September 16: Northglenn Pirate Fest Demo

Nahrun Kabirun - Seneschal: Hayate Tachibana
Group doing well. 
Knight marshall polling. (Oleg Swhinghammer)
Asked for Letters of intent for A&S officer and Seneschal
Upcoming Events:
- June 22-24: Clann Wars

Plattefordham - Seneschal: Zvir L'vov syn Gorin
Upcoming Events:
- June 19-24: Northern Realms war in Piedmont SD

Rio de las Animas - Seneschal: Geua filia Guy
Upcoming Events:
- June will be make tunics, tabards, and hoods.

Unser Hafen - Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson
We had a nice showing at Condottirri, where three members of the Barony received their Award of Arms. We are having regular archery practices and have one new member whom met our archers at a practice.
We moved fighter practice to the park. We also had a revel/ pot luck to help celebrate summer.
We are having an outdoor revel in the park to help welcome Summer. We will hold equestrian & Archery Champions at Condotierri, and Fencing along with the Heavy Champion along side Cear Galen's Champions in June.  
Our next official event will be over Labor Day, then in September we will have our annual Newcomers event

Windkeep - Seneschal: Ursula Sturlasdatter
We have had a few people contact us about seeing who and what we are. We have seen one new family at fighter practice and hope we are slowly beginning to grow.
Dance Class went okay, we had about 20 people show up and it was good day. We are planning a A&S day in September to do silk painting.

- - - - -

Submitted by Gunwaldt
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal