Words from our local seneschals

Aarquelle – Seneschal: Generica McKenna
Aarquelle celebrated it's first birthday with a lovely little event. We chose our new martial Defenders. Fighter practice and A&S nights are well attended. Spring Defender went well.
Upcoming Events:
- Sept 28-30: Rapier Camp
- Oct 13: A&S Demo
- Nov 24: Harvest Fest

al-Barran – Seneschal: Melodia Shaw
Upcoming Events:
- May 24-28: Grand Outlandish
- July 20-22: Nock on Wood

Caer Galen – Seneschal: Rowena Colebrook
Caer Galen will have our first outdoor fighter practice of the season May 1st at Roosevelt park in Longmont.
Caer Galen is thriving with 5-10 new fencers showing up at fighter practice monthly. Heavy is also doing well with 5-8 fighters at practice. 
Caer Galen Defender is coming June 30th. It will be held as a day event at the Boulder County Fairgrounds with potential for public attendance from the local farmer's market. Unser Hafen has expressed interest in sharing their defender tournaments with us on that day. There will be merchants, games and artisan demos along with heavy and fencing tournaments.
Upcoming Events:
- June 30: Caer Galen Defender will be at Boulder County Fairgrounds

Citadel of the Southern Pass - Seneschal: Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill
April was a bustle of activities and attendance at kingdom and regional events, such as the well-attended Bar Maids in Citadel’s sister Barony of Mons Tonitrus. In addition to normal baronial activities (archery, A&S, fighting, choir, clothiers guild and cooks guild), the group continues to work on a large May Day populace event, which serves as a chance to celebrate the Mothers of the barony, along with appreciation for our area/group and recognition for any departing members (military). Additionally, the barony attended the El Paso Comic-Con. Weekly baronial activities remain well-attended and steady. 
Chatelain, Lord Esteban de Leon stepped down at the end of this reporting cycle to prepare for entry into the Navy at the end of May. We wish him fair winds and following seas.
Upcoming Events:
- Aug 24 – 26: Hastilude

Draca Mor - Seneschal: Sæunn Hrafndóttir
We are having more regular fighter practices and members continue to stay busy with personal A&S projects. We held our yearly Demo at The Grand Junction Renaissance Faire, April 21 and 22, 2018, which was a success, we had fighter's join us from outlying areas and we did acquire some very interested new candidates.
We will be hosting and A&S weekend on May 19th and 20th, in Glenwood Springs, for our newcomers, and existing members, to work on armor, garb, etc.
We were able to acquire a bank account, which turned out to be quite the challenge. All banks now require all businesses and non-profits to have a Colorado State Certificate of Good Standing. After out Exchequer did a little research it was discovered that the SCA already has a Certificate of Good Standing in the State of Colorado.
Planning for STAG (Summer Tournament and Games) continues and a date has been set for August 25, 2018. This will be a Prize Tournament and will be held in Glenwood Springs.
Upcoming Events:
- Aug 23: STAG –Summer Tournament & Games

Dragonsspine - Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall
Upcoming Events:
- May 20: May Day
- June 8-10: Baronial Champions
- July 14: Pas d' Armes
- Aug 17: Archery Collegium
- Sep. 16: A Plesaunt Hunt
- Oct. 27: Dragonsspine A&S
- Nov. 3: Holiday Bazaar

Drygestan - Seneschal: Christine Bishop
Things are going steady here in Drygestan. We are holding regular A&S Classes and Fighter Practices. Many of us had fun helping out at the Albuquerque Renisance Festival. We are looking forward to Outlandish and plans for the Santa Fe Renisance Festival are coming along.

Fontaine dans Sable - Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas
April celebrated the 1 year mark of Their Excellencies Lingorm and Anna Katherine tenure as our Baron and Baroness of Fontaine dans Sable.
Medieval Muster has officially been moved to Wednesdays at Lord Bogdan's home to enable more members of the populace to attend. Muster will continue to be from 6-8pm. 
Fontaine's new website is up and running. The new site is fontaine.outlands.org There are resources for award recommendations and links to important SCA information from the BOD.
May A&S Night will be held on May 16th at Lord Bogdan's home at 6 pm. Lady Mel will be teaching period plants and herbs.
Upcoming Events:
- August 31 through September 3: Warders of the Western Gate

Hawk’s Hollow - Seneschal: Eric Morrison of Thistlekeep
Upcoming Events:
- August 4: St. Sebastians’s

Nahrun Kabirun - Seneschal: Hayate Tachibana
Upcoming Events:
- June 22-24: Clann Wars

Plattefordham - Seneschal: Zvir L'vov syn Gorin
The group is good as a whole. We are preparing for Northern Realms War, and Here there be Dragons.
Upcoming Events:
- June 19-24: Northern Realms war in Piedmont SD

Rio de las Animas - Seneschal: Geua filia Guy
Upcoming Events:
- May 13 will be the Baron's tourney and mom's tea.
- June will be make tunics, tabards, and hoods.

Unser Hafen - Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson
Unser Hafen is chugging along, and we are getting ready to head outside for the summer. 
Our new loaner gear for the fencers has arrived. Our Knight Marshal is going through the heavy weapons loaner gear. New signs for the events have arrived and they look very nice. People will easily be able to find us.
Three members of our populace received their Award of Arms at Kingdom A&S. The new Kingdom A&S Champion is from Unser Hafen (as was the previous one). We have lots of fencers, and I think a new Archery Marshal. We have a volunteer for a new hospitaler. Brewers Feast was well received and the autocrats are already thinking of doing it again.
We are having an outdoor revel in the park to help welcome Summer. We will hold equestrian & Archery Champions at Condotierri, and Fencing along with the Heavy Champion along side Cear Galen's Champions in June.  
Our next official event will be over Labor Day, then in September we will have our annual Newcomers event

- - - - -

Submitted by Gunwaldt
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal