Good News February 2018

Words from our local seneschals

Aarquelle – Seneschal: Generica McKenna
A&S and fighter practice are both well attended. We've picked up a couple of new blue card holders from these.
Upcoming Events:
- April 219: Spring Defender
- Sept 28: Rapier Camp
- Oct 13: A&S Demo

al-Barran – Seneschal: Melodia Shaw
Our Feb meeting was held earlier in the month because of Estrella. But many people still attended and we are gearing up for our usually busy spring.
War was great for al-Barran. We had more people then anticipated show up and Volunteer hours were amazing. Guido court and green chili stew gathered the barony together as always.
Upcoming Events:
- April 7: Sworded Affaire
- April 28: Albuquerque Renn Faire
- May 24-28: Grand Outlandish

Bryngalou Seneschal: Kveldulfr Valbrandsson
Our last event, Feast of St. Bridget's Day, went very well. We had a great day of revel, games, and eating excellent food.
A&S is meeting twice a month to make garb and work on wonderful crafts.
We have an average of 5 fighters meeting once a week to practice heavy fighting,no injuries.
We have a new name and device approved recently and a badge has just moved to kingdom level for approval.
Upcoming Events:
- May 12: May Day

Caer Galen – Seneschal: Rowena Colebrook
TriBaronial went very well with many unique entries. We had over 130 people through gate. I made announcements to the populace about Doxxing, BOD changes to the SCA Mission Statement, and the SCA official release on hate speech.
Upcoming Events:
- June 30: A day in the park (defender)

Caerthe – Seneschal: Gauvain Eisenbein
Upcoming Events:
- May 5-6: Coronation

Citadel of the Southern Pass - Seneschal: Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill
February saw normal Citadel activities (archery, A&S, fighting, choir, clothiers guild and cooks guild), but with a marked focus on preparing both seasoned players and newcomers for Estrella War. The barony had a large contingent attend and reports from barony members who attended are positive and a great time was had by all. The increase in attendees at weekly baronial activities is steady. In this reporting period, we have seen at least 7+ regular new faces. The excitement from the newcomers is palpable and the Baron/Baroness are ensuring that all newcomers have opportunities to do try any aspect of the SCA they feel drawn to.
Upcoming Events:
- Aug 24 – 26: Hastilude

Draca Mor - Seneschal: Sæunn Hrafndóttir
THL Egill Thorson won the Woodworking and Shire Award in the 2018 Tri-Baronial A&S Competition.
Members have stayed busy with personal A&S projects over the winter months. Planning for STAG (Summer Tournament and Games) continues and a date has been set for August 25, 2018. This will be a Prize Tournament and will be held in Glenwood Springs.
We continue to get ready for the yearly Demo at The Grand Junction Renaissance Faire, April 21 and 22, 2018.
Upcoming Events:
- April 22-23: Demo at the Grand Junction Renaissance Faire
- Aug 23: STAG –Summer Tournament & Games

Dragonsspine - Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall
Upcoming Events:
- May 20: May Day
- June 8-10: Baronial Champions
- July 14: Thynaire d' Armes
- Aug 17: Archery Collegium
- Sep. 16: A Plesaunt Hunt

Drygestan - Seneschal: Christine Bishop
Drygestan went to War this year. While we didn't camp as a group, Drygestani we're on the heavy and rapier field, working security, and shopping. This month we look forward to attending Crown tourney and have some great classes scheduled at the South Side Library. We have had success in getting an Autocrat for the Renaissance Festival.

Fontaine dans Sable - Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas
February was quiet in Fontaine. Many members of the barony travelled to Atenveldt for Estrella, and, aside from the cold nights, much fun was had.
The new Fontaine website is in the works. The page is created using the kingdom hosting. Migration of information should be complete by mid-April.
Upcoming Events:
- August 31 through September 3: Warders of the Western Gate

Hawk’s Hollow - Seneschal: Eric Morrison of Thistlekeep
Group is going fine. We have a busy summer planned ahead. We are doing heraldic consultation in conjunction with the commentary meeting, there were two members at the last meeting who are working on submissions.  We are getting ready for our demos at the Longs Peak Scottish Irish Festival in Estes Park in Sept and Northglenn Pirate Festival.
Upcoming Events:
- August 4: St. Sebastians’s

Nahrun Kabirun - Seneschal: Hayate Tachibana
Group still going strong, A&S and Populace meetings still well attended.
Upcoming Events:
- March 23-25: Siege of the City
- June 22-24: Clann Wars

Plattefordham - Seneschal: Zvir L'vov syn Gorin
Group is doing well. The practice in Glenrock is going well, we are moving forward with NRW, and have a feast-o-crate class this weekend.
Lord Thomas Marston has just become the far north DAG for the Outlands, and his lady Syla Marston has just accomplished her Archery martial training.
Upcoming Events:
- July 20-22: Northern Realms war

Rio de las Animas - Seneschal: Geua filia Guy
Our small but growing group in the Southwest corner of Colorado have had good active meetings with short business and then activities to start our year. We are repairing equipment this year. We had a good finance committee meeting and have a good working budget. We also passed a rental agreement for loaner gear that is used without the marshal being at the event
Our monthly meeting was well attended (16) and we were able to say hello to 2 members who play celtic music on Sundays by going to the pub where they play. We set our schedule for 3 months out.
Upcoming Events:
- April 8 will be an archery day at a new location
- May 13 will be the Baron's tourney and mom's tea.
- June will be make tunics, tabards, and hoods.

Saint Golias Seneschal: Niccolo
On the 3rd, we hosted Southern War Practice, which was very well attended. We also had 10 students attend Estrella, 6 rapier fighters, 3 heavy fighters, and one for A&S.

Unser Hafen - Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson
Unser Hafen sent a small of handful of warriors down to Estrella.
We are seeing an influx of new students due to a flier posted around CSU. The flier has been successful in attracting new people to fighter practice.
We started Dance Practice again and held it twice in February, both had about 14 people in attendance! We will host it again in March.
Upcoming Events:
- April 21: Brewer’s Feast

- - - - -

Submitted by Gunwaldt
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal