Good Morning Outlands!

We are here live in Al-Barran reporting todays Crown Tournament. It is a beautiful and sunny day today, and the fields are prepared for a glorious tournament.

Here are the entrants for today:

Duke Bela Kos Fights For Duchess Anna De Apperleye
Duke Walrick De Blakeney Fights For Duchess Cecilia Mowebray
Count Thorbrandr Olafsson and Jarla Thora Heri fight for each other
Count Giovanni Di Sienna Fights For Countess Gilliana Leigh Gallwey
Count Robert Magnus Fights For Countess Magge Magnus
Jarl Kolgrimr Olafsson Fights For Countess Danielle De La Rochelle
Sir Roger Warwick Fights For Mistress Constance Warwick of Wyndermere
Sir Bardolf Gundwaldtsson Fights For Mistress Sabiha Al-Zarqa Al-Karakiyya
Sir Rowland De Grey Lincolnshire Fights For Mistress Ymanya Murray
Master Hawk Rill Hunnybun Fights For Mistress Nerissa Della Badessa
Sir Griffith Atte Dernedyngle Fights For Lady Marija Zuzoric
Sir Simon Montgumery Fights For Mistress Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan
Sir Decimus Modius Varro Fights For Mistress Maimuna Al-Bukhariyya
Sir Adrien De Calais Fights For Sir Aladdair MacDubhghaill
THL Marc Antoine De La Rue Fights For Mistress Bianca De Vittoria
Lord Killian Von Rammstein Fights For Duchess Aziza Al-Kashani
Lord Ronan Na F-Fiacal Mac Conaill Fights For Lady Illaria Joye
Lord Tiberius Aurelius Albinus Fights For Lady Solveig Hakonsdottir